I feel that before I go further into this week’s #MadeUpMonday post, even with the obviousness of the headline; I should share yet another little known #FACT about me; I am a self-declared leg man. Ask no questions. Hear no lies. Do try to not get deep about it, for I am at peace with this actuality. I dare unearth this info known only to my close circle because in-case you have missed it; the well renowned search for the coming year’s Miss Veet is currently underway. The wide invitation for lady-people keen to affiliate with the top quality hair removal brand began on the 10th of last month and will be wrapping up on the coming Wednesday (22/10/14), so there are still a few hours to enter.

Here is how:  first, do head on to the official site over HERE and make sure to have an appealing full length image of yourself plus a head shot in addition to entering your personal information. It is essential that suitable entrants should at least be between the ages of 18 and 25 and must team their matchless confidence in being a Veet Ambassador with captivating grace, an ability to inspire other young women with their natural beauty, plus a sociable appeal.

There are many-many reasons to zealously partake in this contest and these here below are just a few to add on the awesomeness.

  • The top 10 girls from around the country will be flown to the luxurious Veet Vila where they will spend a few days under thorough guidance from the Veet ambassadors, successful fashion and beauty experts and celebrity guests.
  • They will all get to enjoy mentoring sessions followed by a few gruelling yet fun challenges designed to help them demonstrate their individuality.
  • Don’t get me started about the prizes.  Follow the facebook page over HERE for more info.


Mahlatse James Metalic pants MJ AND STUFF

This is probably an odd day to write about party pants but whether we like it or not; tis the season to shake a shimmy ever so often and I am having one of those weeks with crazy important things taking place at back-to-back *wipes brow*. I don’t know about you all, but I have certain essential rudiments which add onto preparing for a night out in these fashion streets. First and above all else; I simply have to have a soundtrack for getting ready –the spouse human has that bit on lockdown. Secondly; fragrance, I cannot possibly stress enough on the soared importance of having a signature whiff to trail one’s presence in a pool of people in case you happen to be an uncompromising hugger like yours truly. Thirdly (only because this is where pleasure and a bit of anxiety intertwine) and definitely not last (there is still a face to “beat” and stuff): working out the wardrobe. You see, I have come to go easy on contesting the very evident fact that I habitually create a connective duct as far my personal styling missions stand and even though I cannot validate if the next statement is a “thing” or not, I seem to drift a little bit towards a stern surface shine in my threads. Shocked yet? Well, I aim to appear nothing like a space-age figurine and as you can see in these pics, I am all about counterbalancing my fave shinny “disco” pants with a cardi and golfer plus I have added trait elements with dotted bowtie and plaid suspenders because #PersonalityIsAThing. Yep, these pants went earned a recurring role in my part wardrobe cast.

Metalic pants Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James with metalic pants




I live for memories above all else. I love creating them and nothing comes close to being a part of great ones. Well, this is of course if you dare look past my inestimable obsession with clothes. Somehow, by massive divine favourism I often get to merge these two loves of mine, all thanks to the Skip Fashion Exchange.

So far, this year’s series have been nothing short of spectacular and if you have attended or followed the highly vigorous social media trails, you will definitely get my drift. If for reasons unknown to mankind you happen to have done done neither, you have missed out on two of the most awesome fashion event of the year. Be not cheerless, the last scheduled Skip Fashion Exchange for this year is coming up at the end of this month and you best be a part of it.

Trust me; it is more than enough reasons to gather a couple friends for a memorable fashion’s night out. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a decadent three-course meal whilst taking notes from a fashion talk presented by the admirable Alexis Chaff and a formalised swap with likeminded stylopolitans?  It is a completely budget friendly exercise because attendees are required to bring a minimum of 3 items to swap with (I mean clothing as currency!?! Sign me up!). Also, one way to help aid the sad aftermath of the high ranking global consumerism, which has been less than friendly to the environment in general. Here’s the logic: Recycling already produced items means less production and therefore less impact on the environment, and few things are better than guilt free fashion.

You know have no reason to not queue for a ticked for the 30th of October, right here in Jo’burg. For that, you will need to contact Shaakirah van Rensburg on 011 300 6700 or via email at events@ndalomedia.com with “Fashion exchange” in your subject line and also do keep it locked onto Skip SA’s facebook page over HERE

It’s a date y’all.


Mahlatse James wearing Real + Simple jeans MJ AND STUFF

One’s hunt for a perfect pair of jeans is never ending. #Never. I for one have completely submitted myself to this quest and of course having all the fun known to mankind whilst adding to a very versatile collection. I am not one to claim to know much about jeanpants, as a matter of fact, I am at peace with the realisation that I do not know nearly as much as I probably should despite almost always reading up on updated cuts and fits and washes. The only “system” I seem to consider before acquiring a new pair has very basic conditions; one: would I be able to integrate them into my already existing wardrobe? Two: Will my thighs appear exceptionally amazing? Three: How many washes would it take before the pair looses complete character and stand a chance to fade into the linen-esque vibe? This very important pep talk happens with every pair that makes it into my closet. That said, my newest pair brought with an interesting perspective for me, so to say. REAL+SIMPLE is my ultimate new obsession. Not only is the denim brand dealing locally crafted premium items, the striking edge comes in a form of the ever unfolding allure of raw denim. I prefer to wear my pair of slim cuts in a bit if a loose fit -because roomier jeans are everything to me right now and I am fully taking advantage of all the styling options which is why I am totally crazy about the Selvedge detail I so smugly show off whenever I carelessly fold-up the hemlines. Totally unique and full of personality.



South African Fashion label Real and Simple Jeans MJ AND TUFF

Street Style Mahlatse James Real and Simple jeans

MJ AND STUFF Street Style Mahlatse James


Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Blogger

Do keep it locked onto the REAL + SIMPLE facebook page over HERE


Kwena Baloyi MJ AND STUFF

Headwraps are still such a hit. Who would have thunk it? I stand sturdily for this assertion, more than ever if floods of private messaging through my social media interactions are anything to go by. You may or may not have missed that I recently resurrected my kinship for knotting rounds and rounds of exotic print fabrics on my head –assuming that our relations stream through instagram feeds too. A grand part of it is purely because bad hair days keep having the better of me and among many less amusing reasons; I get to score extra points for updating my look with fresh headgear. The indistinct shapes in which I wrap these crazy long pieces of fabrics had me thinking about these rad pics of the darling leader of the street style pack, Kwena Baloyi working with her own cute lime green top-head-knot and phographed by c’est mois a little while ago. I could name many-a-reason to why I fell crazy in love with the skilful way she integrated the seemingly “weighty” headwrap into her choice of street style-esque outfit, but almost everything I say would likely centre on the fact that she managed to style in pieces with unquestionably regal and feminine references over casual basics.  #TrueStory


MJ AND STUFF Kwena Baloyi



Gert-Johan with the winner of last year's bursary; Quincy.

Gert-Johan with the winner of last year’s bursary; Quincy.

Wise folks have a tendency to frequently stress that a great mark of success involves the ability to boost up the next. Can’t fault this notion for it is as age-old as it is the legitimate. Such is the stunning case with Gert-Johan Coetzee because he keeps adding significance stretching his empire to soar beyond the deserved high praise and he does this with admirable verve. I am talking here about the reputable Gert-Johan Coetzee Fashion Bursary in association with North West School of Design which has been changing lives of eager fashionpolitans for the past four years. “Being able to work in fashion is all I ever wanted to do, and it’s a privilege that makes me happy every day of my life. I want to pass on this same opportunity to someone young, talented and hungry for success.” Together with the college at which he graduated, GJC has hooked up a bursary giveaway worth R168 000 for the next year. This covers tuition and study materials for the duration of the three-year BA Fashion Design Degree course, and includes both a sewing machine and an overlocker from Bernina valued at almost R33 000, plus personal mentorship by the superstar designer as experienced by last year’s winner; Quincy Thabang from Sasolburg. Based in Klerksdorp, the North West School of Design is an international fashion college that offers a full spectrum of courses that prepare future fashion professionals as designers, clothing technologists, fashion buyers and more. Students are exposed to international best practices and insights, aligning them with global standards.

To be considered for the bursary, students need to have a National Senior Certificate or an international equivalent, and need to submit a motivating essay and sketches for four red-carpet gowns and this year’s theme for entrants is:  “15 Shades of Style”.  Gert-Johan will be on the panel responsible for choosing the ultimate winner and he says, “I’m looking for someone who blows me away with their passion, raw talent and proven aptitude for design.

Gert Johan Coetzee

For details on how to enter, visit www.nwsd.co.za The closing date for entries is 17 October 2014.


Mahlatse James on Social Media Networks MJ AND STUFF

Missed me? Well the freshness of an electrifying season has me getting all friendly with midnight oils and making fashion things happen because well, great things just have to happen. I am more than excited to be able to share soonest. Anywho, I know y’all know that October is a very special month right here in the MJ AND STUFF HQ. Over the years, I have rebranded in my birthday month, hooked up some amazing giveaways for the very dear of supporters and even thrown shindigs of a mad repute for my friends but this year, as we celebrate this blog’s fourth year (and over a hundred thousand of you who click on average #ShoutOut), I want us to take things onto the next level. A more personal level, shall I dare say!?! Wouldn’t it be just awesome if in addition to keeping it locked right here, we looked into stretching contact across social interwebs? Fortunately, I do not fall into the realm of the “asinine” few who claim to espouse some sort of offence when referred to by their social media handles. I will not get into that, but you best believe that involuntary twitches happen all over my system as I even think about such characters. Anyway, yes, I do have a bit of an active life all over the net and I think would be pretty cool to link up there too. Ypu have probably been following the side bar feeds right here on the blog and that’s rad, (seriously, it is epic stuff) but more often that not, I sometimes do believe that a some of information shared on all these pages doesn’t get to make to make it onto the blog. This is where I confess that my knowledge and understanding of tech stuff is not equal to much. When you get a moment do join me as a run my fashion mouth on all these channels below.

Hit me up on the facebook front.

Mahlatse James on Google + MJ AND STUFF


Mahlatse James on Pinterest MJ AND STUFF (2)

Mahlatse James on Twitter MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James on LinkedIn MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James on Instagram MJ AND STUFF




Truefitt & Hill review MJ AND STUFF

I wonder what goes on in the minds of those I hang around with lately. They could have gathered that I have added an extra dosage of generosity to my hugs game. Yes, I said hugs game. You see, I happen to be one of those people who are always flinging out their arms in the air, ready to envelope a total stranger for reasons unbeknownst. Not really a half-full kind of human (because I pledge reality-checks way too often), more like… it’s just a thing. My thing! Anyway, of now recent, my hugs game has widened a little and I have more than enough reason since trying out the Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar set. I am determined to spread the awesomeness of this scent whenever granted a chance. Based with Cedarwood and Sandalwood notes, the fragrance does not compromise its fresh masculinity and the part orient middle note and Jasmine top off bring with an inviting sensory satisfaction. I find it oh so grown up. I am almost certain that the latter perspective has an awful lot to do with the interesting fact that I now share a whiff with legends like Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and John Wayne to count a few appreciators of Truefitt and Hill. This is definitely my Spring scent of choice because I have worn it on scorching hot days and even on cooler evenings without experiencing an overly dramatic shift. Hence the adaptability factor ignites in me the confidence glide excitedly when I extend embraces… or a handsomely scented hugs game if you will.

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill grooming products are available at Victorian Bathroom outlets.


Lyle and scott 140 campaign

Collecting art for my space is every bit as important as patently communicating my position in the fashion world. I have come to master the tricky skill of having to balance the idea of “pretty pieces” (which always such a good point of reference to start from)with the matchless appeal of items which carry a sensible story (and hopefully, some sort of value for the little MJs in the future).  To add onto my growing set of artworks, I am looking at @LyleAndScott_SA’s exceptional campaign which commemorates 140 years of the brand’s heritage.

 As part of this celebration, Lyle & Scott commissioned fans of the label, fashion enthusiast and artists alike to create masterpieces for a fittingly named #140Series. Each creative involved in the submission phases created a unique artwork that represented their chosen year between 1874 and 2014. The 140 pieces of artwork are being used to construct a timeline that represents Lyle & Scott’s success and tireless innovation since 1874. These artworks are now available to view on the local Lyle & Scott website over HERE and eager viewers like me are invited to bid on a piece of art of their choice.

 Here’s how it works: these original items all have a reserve of R200, so the bidding is open to any amount added onto that. Each winning bidder will receive a special invitation to attend a gala event as part of the celebrations. And finally; on the 9th of October, the 140 masterpieces will take pride of place in Gallery MOMO where the proud new owners of the artworks will then finally take their piece of history home.

 With my eyes already set on a few pieces, I am thrilled to possibly make an offer in an effort to extend fashion and art game.


MJ AND STUFF Lindiwe Suttle x Jenevieve Lyons

I chuckle a little when I think about my “condition” whenever I witness a wonderful fashion moment unfurl before my eyes. You guys should see me, it’s almost unexplainable, so please do stretch your tolerance barometer a few notches as I try to get into this. It’s like time winds at a polite tempo to afford me this experience and sounds eloquently counteract any form of suggested interaction. I swear, when I am in such a zone, anyone who so much as even dare to interrupt such a ritual is met with a swift desire to shut-the-hell-up and respect the situation. Even coming out of this reverie is an experience on its own because I then have to stop drop and roll the chills out before jumping into sequence with the rest of the world. #YouWereWarned.

In case y’all didn’t get that, one such a moment happened when I got to see my lavishly talented friend and lover of style Lindiwe Suttle perform live, wearing an outfit made by one of the most praiseworthy young local designers; Jenevieve Lyons. A perfect match I say.

In my opinion –and some echoed by a whole lot of people, both gals posses some of the best skills in their respective fields matched with unrepentant streaks of expressionistic intelligence. Watching Lindiwe perform her music is pure magic and the high esteem with which I hold Jenevieve’s design integrity still reigns.

We all often speak about the evident connection between fashion and music which all good and sensible but it is until we get to experience moments like these, which better authenticate talent at in best possible ways that we truly get it. Yep, I definitely zoned out to take it all in.

Jenevieve Loyns x Lindiwe Suttle MJ AND STUFF

South African Fashion Lindiwe Suttle x Jenevieve Lyons

Lindiwe Suttle x Jenevieve Lyons MJ AND STUFF