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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my posts have been a few and apart of now late, coupled with busyness I had committed myself to, all for a stylish shift you will notice a little later *winks*. The painful bit was the unceremonious inability to share with you all the wonderful thoughts and ideas I have had, ramming into my system throughout the last three weeks. A fan of the blog also sent in mail and howled about a rigorous “famine of fashion” I have put her under. This post is just a twinkle of what has been on my radar…

Just this past Sunday, I honoured an invitation to join the well-heeled and attended this year’s Land Rover Africa Cup Finals at the 80-year-old Inanda Club. I told y’all I am expanding an appreciation for sport. In addition to feeding my curiosity for equestrian vibes at a prestige level, I got all fuzzy and stuff on the inside after witnessing that there was a theme –everybody who know me, know here I stand when thumped with a theme-. The invitation summoned A Touch of Gold and having spent a great deal of this winter with my fashion eyes fixed on all things OPULENT, this was to be a festive fair of fabulousness.

MJ AND STUFF Blogger Mahlatse James

South African Blogger Mahlatse James

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

Well, I kind of went with several strokes of gold –as you can probably tell in these pics -the shoes, the belt and the braiding on the bolero. I suppose I had to bring it from interesting and dissimilar bends, you know, for all those cheerless individuals who just can’t seem to execute a theme so precisely requested.

Mahlatse James Fashion Blogger MJ AND STUFF


Let’s be frank about this here a situation; nobody deserves to go through life with a naked smart phone. There, I said it. I mean, we live in an age where appearance is #EVERYTHING and unless you belong to the school of swankers whose loyalty remains assiduously pledged to boisterous generic branding, then by all means, please do wheel away on the train of banality. If maybe like me, you would much rather have your cellular phone extend the expression of who you are and what you individually stand for; you are definitely going to love quite like I do. logo has introduced cutting-edge technology which enables anyone keen for originality an opportunity to design a mobile cover in a few minutes. A simple 3-step guide leads you to (1) upload your favourite image to the site HERE, (2) customize it with an extensive range of themes and imagery –see the Pinterest page HERE for examples, and (3) hit “Buy Now” and await your tailor-made phone case to arrive within 4 working days. Made from the highest quality materials, the superiority of a clip-on polycarbonate case provides ultimate protection of a scratch resistant exterior. A full-wrap printing technique is employed to infuse the image design into the surface of the case, which ensures that the print does not fade.

...because BOS Ice tea is my staple diet and it rocks...

…because BOS Ice tea is my staple diet and it rocks…

I am obsessed with this service and of course the rad designs, and I haven’t stopped yapping about it to everyone I come across. My top faves right now include everything attached to Tata Nelson Mandela’s name and his wise teachings –seeing that it is #Mandela Month- see these pics below.

Nelson Mandela phone cases mj and stuff

Hopefully, the eminence of this great option will result in some exciting sights when people whip out their mobiles for selfies. Out with the bedazzling gun, in with



Trevor Stuurman x Adraan Kuiters MJ AND STUFF

They grow up so darn fast I say. It truly feels like just the other day when I met the crazily talented Mr Trevor Stuurman and we hit it off immediately with a mission to assemble a flourishing position in this kingdom. It comes as no surprise that this brother of mine keeps soaring way high above prospects. His gift is like none other I have ever known. We should probably get matching tattoos or something…

Hearty stuff aside, I am also very proud of witnessing his sartorial growth too. I photo-snapped the knowledgeable stylopolitan here wearing one of my many suit crushes by Adriaan Kuiters. Y’all know I am all about jumping for joy over a fresh take on a twin set. This suit is very now and the ease with which it is seemingly cut makes for octane excitements. I mean, can we observe silence for the enviously structural, yet billowy sleeve work? Those matching shorts could be styled in infinite ways too. The grainy grey shade definitely ranks among my all-time favourite colour schemes to work with season in and season out.

MJ AND STUFF Trevor Stuurman Adriaan Kuiters

Trevor is currently in LA –as in Los Angeles- for an exchange program with the eminent Chapman University and upon his arrival, he texted me an update on his style ventures. If this suit is anything to go by, the US of A is in for a stylish treat.

Shop Adriaan Kuiters HERE



South African Street Style camo MJ AND STUFF

I do adore a gal in utilitarian style clothing. This could be because of unwashed teen fantasies centered on GI Jane figurines from my younger years or maybe a tingly reminder of how I too almost signed up for the military service straight after high school, yes, by some sort of chance, I could have been “Lieutenant MJ” –can you imagine? Anyway, whatever the reason, the now staple fashion direction has me all excited and stuff. Exhibit A. I am not in any way here to campaign for people to prance around looking like extras in a bad 90’s flick working with full forest-like suits. No, that’s not a look. These ladies here have incorporated just enough dosage of camo encouraged looks; nonchalantly adding oversized military style jackets onto their decided wardrobe of the day. A little hint is more than enough to hit the streets. Trust me, it goes with almost everything.

MJ AND STUFF STreet Style Camo

camo Street Style MJ AND STUFF



Skip Fashion Exchange 2014 MJ AND STUFF

It is back, it’s better and oh so beautiful. The 2014 editions of the sought-after Skip Fashion Exchange launches this week and it definitely ranks among the must-attend events. “Aimed at women conscious of impact high levels of consumerism has on the environment and are looking at ways of reducing this impact.  These events bring women together where items in great condition are traded for other items thereby refreshing one’s wardrobe at no extra cost whilst reducing the impact on the environment.” 

Three years in, the Skip Fashion Exchange facilitates the ability to use clothing as currency which provides access into other patrons’ wardrobes and this year’s theme “I love what you’re wearing” is a perfect endearment phrase.

 According to Kerry Cuppusamy, Skip Brand Manager, the 2014 series of Skip Fashion Exchange events is bound to be nothing short of “a real show stopper; guests will be treated to a three course meal, intriguing fashion exposés, assistants by a crew of expert on-site stylists and award-winning local entertainment”.

There are still tickets available to purchase for the kick-start event taking place in Johannesburg, this coming Thursday 17/07/14. To purchase your tickets to the exclusive Fashion Exchange events please go to  – when prompted please use username and password to open the gateway to style.  Tickets cost R280.00 each (login: Skip, password: Fashion exchange)

Skip Fashion Exchange Garment Selection Guideline MJ AND STUFF

For more info, visit


Versace Mens Jumpsuit Spring 2015

I can finally say that I am totally ready for a jumpsuit. I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this because I have witnessed the emergence of a one-piece trend a while ago when I still served in magazines; I stood steadily on a fashion junction, fidgeting over the possibility of ever making a decision to own one. I mean, even though I have seen a large variety of interpretations throughout the seasons and even gone as far as recommending some stunning items for a couple of clients, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I too will at some point in life want one so bad. Because… well I know myself too well.

This simply means that I would to town with nitpicking every bit. Ideally I would love to look a little more like an updated 70’s revival bloke with all the fine tailored details and escape any chance to possibly resemble a grown-ass-human campaigning for a lullaby –trust, it could get ridiculous if not warily well thought-out.

I am crushing real hard on all three of the nothing-short-of-perfect jumpsuits seen in Versace’s newest collection showcasing threads for the Spring of 2015. Right up my radar, these pieces exemplify everything I stand for right now: classic in fit, cut for comfort sans jeopardising newness and laudability in design to carry out the fashion house’s congenial communiqué.

 Trends come and trends go but the “onesie” game in the pics here below has me considering pledging an alliance with the Versace medusa and also dexterously take part in inflicting a set up of the single piece suit onto the menwear front. Yes, the jumpsuit and boilers for dudes have been on the radar for a quite some time but, nowhere near achieving the staple piece phenomenon earned by creations for women which must bring in big money… if the global demand is anything to go by.

Yes, I want me a fine jumpsuit.

Mens Jumpsuit Versace ss 2015

Versace SS 2015 Black Jumpsuit

Versace ss 2015 Mens Jumpsuits

Pics by



Smooth and Shine range MJ AND STUFF

My hair issues are real issues. Seriously, I don’t know if you’ve gathered but I have been #WERQing a hat game a lot lately. See all of these HERE, that one time HERE and well, most of these HERE. Truth is; have spent the past three weeks thinking about what to do with this hair of mine. After months of playing with tints, shades and part-fade style haircuts I am now puzzled with my next move. Realistically, I know for sure that a serious care solution should be brought in. My salvation came in the form of the newest hair care range by Schwarzkopf. Smooth ‘N Shine’s one-of-a-kind formulae.

...The Washers...

…The Washers…

Containing high performance formulas and the best properties of African Moringa and Olive Oils, Smooth ‘N Shine is the first hair care range specially developed to cater for black African hair’s unique and diverse needs. These include requirements for high levels of hydration, protection and manageability.

...The Prep Stars...

…The Prep Stars…

I am realistic enough to know that with all the many chemicals in my hair, one must invest in proper products. For this mission I looked a little bit beyond my daily foam-in-a-shower routine, which is all good but provide a short-lived guard of my hair. Also considered; was a trustworthy brand, easy to get right off the store shelves and of course the easiest of procedures as I try to lessen the time I usually spend trying to resurrect the wellbeing of my mane.

...the gel based hair food..

…the gel based hair food..

This new range consists of 15 product lines with both retail and salon size formats. From relaxers and cleansers to treatments, followed by expert after-care solutions to ensure our queens experience that royal smooth way to shine. Smooth ‘N Shine also has a range of world-class styling aids for healthy and glossy hair that makes you shine.

...the shine surety kit...

…the shine surety kit…

I will be trying out all these products in these pics and when they deliver great results, I will be sure to keep you in the know. The new Smooth ‘N Shine range will be in stores today. Do check it out and let’s chat about it.