Mahlatse James Mr Price Selfie MJ AND STUFF

I have decided; a photo booth must just happen in my household at some point -this I am putting out to the serving universe, THE SIR and the kind people at Glow Foto Booth. We went crazy ballistic, snapping all sorts of wacky poses in the “selfie booth” hooked up by Mr Price at their Night of VIP Shopping last week.

Mahlatse James Mr Price A-W 2014 MJ AND STUFF

In between sipping on some really good bubbly and snacking lip-smackin’ tasty treats; a selected few individuals were invited (together with their fervent +1’s) to get together at key stores between Jo’burg, Durban and Cape Town to kiki and enjoy a special evening of shopping from a selection of fresh merch that will only get to hit the stores a little later in the Autumn-Winter season.


I am super excited for everyone to start wearing @MrPriceFashion’s A/W ’14 edit –such awesome stuff.




Lucky Brand Charity Drive MJ AND STUFF

Most international labels have a way of creeping up on us and have us all beaming with crazy excitement in no time. Well, not the 24 years old American denim brand; Lucky Brand. As of today, all the way until the 11th of May, Lucky Brand embarks on an exciting drive to benefit the SOS Children’s Villages in Port Elizabeth.

The call is out for all of us who can, to please take in our worn pairs of jean-pants to Lucky Brand’s store in the Eastgate Mall or the newly opened flagship in Centurion Mall. For this, shoppers will receive a fifty percent discount on their next purchase of a new pair of Lucky Brand denims.

Lucky Brand Store, Eastgate

The initiative is aimed to collect at least 3000 pairs of jeans and all items will be repurposed into really awesome denim products and sold for profit by women in the communities.

I have to admit, I have spotted Lucky Brand in Edgars Stores for a while now and even though I had promised myself to make a U-turn soonest, I never really got it because I always get a bit too absentminded whenever I am surrounded by cool things. “From straight to super skinny, relaxed to bootcut, slim or boyfriend, Lucky Brand denims are available in a huge array of styles, colours and washes to make sure you’re perfectly fitted, and on-trend this season.” #IGotSchooled

Mahlatse James Lucky Brand Jeans MJ AND STUFF

As you can see from the pic above I have already gone my fave Lucky Brand store and done the right thing whilst wearing my very first pair of boot cut jeans throwing back a look straight out of the early 1970’s. I am excited for my well loved jean’s future. Once you have donated a clean and wearable pair of denims, share the experience using the #LuckyDenimSOS hash-tag and joing on the rad conversation whilst doing a whole lot of good.

Lucky Brand Denim shop in East Gate


South African Blogger

There is something about seemingly broken down backdrops. I don’t know if I’m only jumping onto the trend right now, *clubs head*but it is my current thing and I just love working out contrasting outfits to shoot there.

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

Downstairs in my building, by the fire escape stairway, right next to the dumpster; there is buckloads of corrugated iron; rusty pipes and what looks like croaky crazy-heavy metal bars I have always avoided. Just the other day when I felt all grey and stuff –thanks to the recent Jozi weather, I braved to have these pics of me photographed and the moment made me think about many qualms most people have about my line of work.

Mahlatse James Fashion blogger

Without sounding cheesy, fact is; fashion can be a bit scary from the outside. I mean, we (all participating regulars) often prance around as though we live in a marshmallow world where perfection is something one dimensional and completely closed off from reality. Well, as much as there are people who live like that, I think my “calling” requires bringing it down to a relatable level because, sensibly, it’s a trade thriving on reaching as many people as possible. There’s really not much of a point in partitioning the fun stuff from the real world.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF




It’s crazy how I thought I was exempted from the fashion week craze. Somehow- since I have been doing this for near a decade now, I had rounded up to believing that there is no pressure tight enough to can ever make me question my energy levels whilst FROWing and stuff. #MBFWJ2014 showed me all sorts of flames though. I don’t know if this is because of the creepy flu I had braved throughout the three-daylong fashion fest, the crazy amounts of daily awesomery or if maybe, I had taken on a bit more than I could possible handle. I seriously doubt if it’s the latter.

Subsequently, I tried taking this past week off reality. That did not happen; shoots were planned, lengthy meetings were had, plans were made and a grand total of twenty three minutes on the couch did not count for much. I even joked to The Sir, alleging that if I do not sleep for 48-straight-hours very soon, not only will I either forever be unpleasant or tune into zombie mode. Well then, that was that.



The first local fashion week for the year came, went and I had all kinds of fun whilst doing some genuinely fun work for quite a few varied clients. In between fashioning hard, I met and got to hang out with a many fans of this blog –some of whom even know my previous post better than I could remember and recite –SO MUCH LOVE.

For the first time in my whole fashion living life, I had absolutely nothing to whine about as far as the designer collections are concerned. All designers showcased some amazing stuff and of course, I will definitely pick out my favourite looks off the runway in the next post. Right now, I just need to send a major shout out to all other publications and independent bloggers who shot all these images of me in this post. You see, my working on reserve energy throughout the week left no time to curate #WhatIWore shoots.

Mahlatse James MBFWJ 2014

My theme: having as much fun as possible with collared shirts in my looks.

DAY #1

#DAY 1: If it’s dandy you want, by George, please make it new and stuff. 


Forget about  atwinset suit vibe. I went for a three pice (matching shoes) sports luxe vibe.

#DAY 2: Forget about atwinset suit vibe. I went for a three pice (matching shoes) sports luxe vibe.

#DAY 3: Street Style ready -dripping gold jewells and all.

#DAY 3: Street Style ready -dripping gold jewells and all.

Pic credits:

Trevor Stuurman.

Niquita Bento for Elle Magazine SA

Pholoso Nkosi

Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine for Woolworths

Simphiwe Mkhwanazi


Mahlatse James Sailor In The City

I know, I know… there is absolutely nothing new about nautical vibes, if anything, sail-style inspired fashion has gone from a trendy point to a fundamental collectables. You don’t need me to tell you about the importance of a Breton striped tee in everyone’s wardrobe.  I still haven’t fallen in love with one yet, but that does not stop me from #WERQing my seaside activities inspired threads in the inner city streets.

South african Fashion Blogger Mahlatse James

Nothing comes between me and my love for downtown Jo’burg. Every single minute I spend outside my apartment is such an occasion; I am always stunned by the many dimensions of the city. There is just an incomparable energy that I find truly rare; hence I struggle with understanding people who claim that the inner city is just not their cup of tea. BLEH! Just last week, I marched with a friend across the road from my unofficial corner café work spot to snap these shots.

Nautical top Mahlatse James

My look:  as much I would love to say that this is a chilled outfit, putting it together called for a bit of contemplation. Not a lot of people can get away with a navy-blue vertically striped top straight out of the early 80’s. So to ease off the pressure, I wore it with a pen-rolled pair of regular fitting jeans and an off-white wide brim baseball style cap. You see, I needed to try to not look too costumey whilst channelling my inner city sailor vibe. I threw in two white bags –a tote and a clutch for good measure and of course head turner blue multi textural PUMA R698.

Mahlatse James street style MJ AND STUFF

Would you believe me if I told you that this entire look was inspired by the anchor pin I’m wearing on these shots? #TrueStory


mahlatse james Jogger

I love taking part in cool things with really cool people. A little while ago Mr Price thought of me to participate in an exciting challenge alongside some of the country’s finest dude bloggers of our time and the task included personal interpretation of the definite must-wear-right-now item; the jogger.

The retailer’s current mantra advocates the rad statement that Tis The Season To Wear What You Want, In Any Way Satisfying. In short: personal edit is totally a thing right now.

MJ AND STUFF Mr Price Jogger's Challange

In all fairness, all four of us brought it and each blogger’s interpretation seems to be a pretty good demonstration of where we are in our sartorial right now.

In a DM conversation with a Twitter friend yesterday, I found myself having to elaborate further to wear my grey pair the way I did and studying the chat today (and frames from the little street style shoot), it turns out that I too am a bit selfless when it comes to styling. Who knew… ?

Mahlatse James Mr Price Jogger MJ AND STUFF

You see, the gleeful Twitterer went on beautifully about how he loved that I “kept true to my expressive aesthetic” –hello Future Trinomic Slipstream Lite Zebra- “whilst skilfully exposing a relatable item” –the jogger in this regard- “and seemingly observed last season’s black and white details in my pre-autumn layering” –see the button up tee worn atop a black shirt.

Mr Price Jogger Challange Mahlatse James

Bless his eye for details and thank you Mr Price for this awesome challenge. The Jogger is now available to purchase over HERE.


Mahlatse James bloggerstairs

I recently read somewhere that at some point in life, we are all likely to sartorially re-visit the decades in which we were born. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this claim because if I had to pick an era to time-travel to, I would wait for a blink before I start singing about the swinging sixties –purely for fashion reasons of course. Having said that; a large part of the pieces railed in my closet seem to reference the crazy 1980s –a decade I once thought was a little bit too animated to make fashion history. Even though I was only born in second half of it and recall any of it.

You see, for reasons unknown to mankind, I too was a fashion snob once a very long time ago and navigated my “development” under an impression that each decade deserves not more than two authoritative style trends.  I know, I know, it’s pathetic -especially since I stand for individualism above everything else.

Mahlatse James Blogger

My take on the 80’s style is far from an underground movement, if anything, it’s so organic, I have decided to include it in interviews about my style I frequently partake in. Yes. I have taken to now adding “a hint of retro” whenever I try to define my own style, it’s only fair and…well, sensible.

The only terrible bit comes whenever I am tasked to choose only one favourite style star from the 1980s. There are so many and all so very different. I mean, nobody did the sour candy splash thing quite like Boy George and Cyndi Lauper neither did anyone redefine street lady layering like the ageless Madonna did. Grace Jones was full of edge (quite literally) whilst Jane Fonda and Run DMC kept it rolling out on the active-wear front respectively and the incomparable Michael Jackson intersected sparkle with militaria –sash, glove and all.

Mahlatse James South African Blogger MJ AND STUFF

In these pics, I am paying homage to colour combinations which were apparently a big deal in my year of birth and wouldn’t have styled it in any different way. I hope I have achieved balancing the 20-somethings years later revival with a fresh approach.

MJ AND Stuff's Mahlatse James



J&B Met 2014 weekend

The crazy thing about seaside sunsets –if you are an inlander like me, is that cocktail hour(s) is a whole new different story altogether. You see, where I reside, a night out usually commences as the sun sets, but when I was in Cape Town for the J&B Met weekend with plan to paint the town black and gold, I had somehow forgotten that dusk happens much later. This bids a puzzle and calls for a carefully constructed look able to transcend from very late afternoon to dawn. Thankfully I am something of a maven in this regard and managed to put together a head-turner of an ensemble in no time. No harsh tricks were employed because I really wanted to balance odd proportions with significant pieces. I based the final party dress up on the unchanging Fit vs some sort of volume direction.  Here I am wearing a printed long-sleeved mid-thigh length chiffon shirt by Scalo Designs with a pair of black skinny jeans to mark a basic arrangement and allowed for my SICKENING Future Disc Lt Opulence kicks to #DoTheRightThing. The topical gold elements from these PUMA sneakers went exceptionally well, styled alongside a studded jumbo clutch and a single strand neckpiece from Missibaba. If I really, truly, totally absolutely had to rank this look, it would be a tale synonymous to imperial dancing royals’ missions –this suggestion came via a new friendship made on the dance-floor.

Mahlatse James J&B Met Weekend


Cape Town J&B Met 2014


MJ AND STUFF Blogger; Mahlatse James

Told you all I was gonna bump like this. You all didn’t think that I could bump like this. Said I told you all I was gonna bump like this (uh-uh).Turn around then I make it jump like this…” It’s midweek vibes and whilst I’m jumping to Miss Kelly Rowland’s Like This, I remembered I have committed to wear shorts for a great part of this summer. Anywho, that’s not much of a major deal, because, well, since everyone is kind of doing the short-shorts thing right now; knock-knees, brackets, stumpy stems and all *sighs*. I know I’m having crazy mad fun hitting up the streets with my leg game paraded afore. So much fun. Soooo, my second limb-exhibition endeavour involved slicing up an old pair of regular fitting jeans to mere singular-decimal lengths. As if that is not bloodcurdling enough (to some people, because..erm, to a certain degree I care and stuff), I thought the thigh size could have done with character, hence my D.I.Y. undertake. I mean, what else could possibly suggest unassuming-stylopolitan-in-the-know quite like a bit of distress? Tools: a bit of bleach, sandpaper, a correction pen and a breadknife –don’t judge me, nothing de-threads denim like a breadknife can. You see, this post could very well detour to DIVA TRICKS levels, but it is essentially about my short luvin’ self and the nerve to dare take this voyage out to the streets. About the look, once again, this was put together when I was heading off to a friend’s post-hangover do, on an odd Saturday afternoon –Rock Star state of affairs. Bag pack brimmed with goodies flung on and a tee similar to some of Jean-Michel Basquait’s earlier graffiti-esque work. And to channel my inner David Bowie, Mihara Yasuhiro x PUMA sneakers were brought into this look too.

Mahlatse James Denim shorts MJ AND STUFF

Mens Denim shorts, MJ AND STUFF, Mahlatse James

Denim Shorts- Mihara Yasuhiro x PUMA mj and stuff Mahlatse James

Mihara Yasuhiro for PUMA, Mahlatse James



MJ AND STUFF Tumelo Thekiso

Soooo, I don’t want to come across as an ungrateful little bugger, if anything I know that I am pretty much one of those who cough up gratitude at the same rate I fashion… *blows a kiss in the same direction after which Kimye named their kid*. Note that this is NOT a rant, No ma’am, far from it. If anything, it’s a little hello-hi –plus-wink to the expectations of me posting about common street style from the 2014 J&B Met. Let it be known that the mission is shot, pressed and sent to the client *cue chimes*. Anyway the general comment is; most attendees brought their A-GAME and the rest… erm… well… whatevs! One of my most awesomely clad people happens to be my favourite guy in the whole wide world; THE SIR. Yeah, I know, I know, “Home-ground benefits” and stuff but in all honesty, the bloke knows and loves good threads with or without my expertise assistance. In these pics, Mr man #WERQs his Made To Conquer in the greys family and jazzed it up with blood red plimsolls. He considerably linked the checked summer jacket with a woven Panama hat and the gun powder shade on shirt’s shoulder line picks up from a pair of drop-crotch pants. Oh that connective chain situation happening on his shirt’s collar? I mean, come on…

… Like I would dare rob myself of featuring…

… Like I would dare rob myself of featuring…

Aaaaand again!

Aaaaand again!

Okay, like, this is a stalker vibe intersected with my sever liking of things. Seriously.

Okay, like, this is a stalker vibe intersected with my severe liking of things. Seriously.


*whistles that famed jam by Marry Wells*

*whistles that famed jam by Marry Wells*