True Religion x Stacey Holland

Just the other day I was engrossed in a lengthier-than-an-air-kiss conversation with someone from my past about the fact that I have never really owned a pair of True Religion jeans, yet I have been recommending the brand to clients for a couple of years. So fate went and did its thing, the first ever True Religion flagship store in the country opened doors in Sandton City a couple of weeks ago and I got the raddest offer to play in the change rooms with the most awesome gal I have hung out with in a while. The lovely human I speak of, is none other than the fitness model, media personality and entrepreneur; Stacey Holland. I have to say, plenty funziment was had, as we spent an entire mid-morning playing dress up in the freshly decked up shop and throwing Hi-5’s as support expressions to a never-ending gush fest. She assumed the role of a schmortzel –not surprising, I mean with that banging body-ody-ody and a remarkable personality, whilst I was at ease with the role of he who snaps the pics. All very casual vibez really and we came up with top three styles we think you should be #WERQing with right now. Oh, and I am going to write the captions in French because 1) I am obsessed with Google translator right now and 2) You simple have to try it.

pas emprunté aux garçons.

Body spray-like jeans are cute and all but the same kind of appreciation can be granted to a roomier silhouette this season. Not necessarily borrowed from the boys because meticulous attention needs to be paid to proportions and in these pics we aimed for a laid-back take on the seasonless denim-on-denim.

Body spray-like jeans are cute and all but the same kind of appreciation can be granted to a roomier silhouette this season. Not necessarily borrowed from the boys because meticulous attention needs to be paid to proportions and in these pics we aimed for a laid-back take on the seasonless denim-on-denim.


Stacey Holland True Religion MJ AND STUFF

Sandton True Religion Stacey Holland MJ AND STUFF

le jogger classique.

This season sees the magnificent jogger still beautifully positioned as one of the ultimate wardrobe staples. The once-was-reserved-for-track piece can be worn in many different ways and with these few shots, we hop-skipped straight into day-to-day functionality by including a tailored shirt and a pair of strappy heels.

This season sees the magnificent jogger still beautifully positioned as one of the ultimate wardrobe staples. The once-was-reserved-for-track piece can be worn in many different ways and with these few shots, we hop-skipped straight into day-to-day functionality by including a tailored shirt and a pair of strappy heels.

MJ AND STUFF Stacey Holland True Religion

Stacey Holland Sandton True Religion


nappe poussin de ville.

Not much narrative needed here. The look is very now, practical, considerably styled and could work for most sizes.

Not much narrative needed here. The look is very now, practical, considerably styled and could work for most sizes.

True Religion MJ AND STUFF Stacey Holland

MJ AND STUFF True Religion Stacey Holland

Fun gal. Fun day. Fun brand.


Credits: all clothing from True Religion. Shoes: Dusud Shoes at the Sandton store. Stacey’s hair was hooked up by Chantal Baaitjie @chanyb8


Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

I refuse to believe that I am the only one experiencing the probable rise of an unsolicited shift in things. Fashion things I mean. My heart bleeds a terror cocktail at the mere thought that a personal edit might be nearing its end days –as in, people are starting to appear more and more alike. I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming, and if I really must set blame, it’s all because of the massive tide that became the “nomcore” nonsense.

My raison d’être goes a little something like this; rewind to a whole year-and-a-half ago when several magazine editors thought it a good idea to perpetuate nods for a look so plain and lacklustre, they dubbed elements of it as make-up for a short-lived trend known in “susceptible” circles as Off-Duty. Like an unassumingly arrogant monster, the fad cultivated comfort to a crazy degree and erratic stylopolitans followed suit. I will however, grant it an ovation for veering the important basis of clean lines and an option to sometimes de-clutter one’s look. But, needy as this tribe of people constantly hungry for an upgrade, off-duty was due for an improved reference point and the result threw all the way back to a period in the 90’s when some people claimed to not be interested in the significance of fashion. (Please don’t make me go all Miranda Priestly and stuff). This according to me and an uncertified sensibility to put one and two together; is how nomcore came to be. #Don’tFeedTheMonster

 As you can probably imagine, committed practitioners of peacocking freaked the hell out as this craze could signal that one might face a possible dethroning from starring roles on street style blogs.

Individuality seems to be at risk and the way I see it, all believers of great style and advocates of letting one’s sartorial freak flag fly are now duty-bound as this here is a situation. Once again, I am by no means pledging support for anything styled tastelessly. If anything I beg for personality to reign paramount when one leaves their house… or as in my case in this here post, when one plays with a black lip ointment out in the fire escape.

Mahlatse James pro pic

South African Street Style MJ AND STUFF

MJ Mahlatse James

Personal style MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Fashion Blogger Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James MJ



MJ AND STUFF Puma green box collection

You know when something awesome happens and the only sentiment you want to express remains something alongside the lines of *drops mic*? Well, this here reaction is just not enough in this here instance. Read on further and… wait for it.

My PUMA fam’s Fast Track programme sees a rad introduction of the limited edition Green Box Pack. Radical, I tell you. Sending me straight into a remarkable fit of glee –because I just cannot enough of everything green (called it HERE before spotting it HERE); the nostalgic pack takes cue from the original Trinomic PUMA box and the product is a collective of classic vintage running silhouettes decked out in an alluring shade of green.

Four of some of the very best kicks referencing and iconic era of running sneakers in the history of the brand are updated and killin’ the game right now.

The XS850 gained notoriety in its ‘92 heyday, showcasing PUMA’s revolutionary trinomic-cushioned technology born in the early running boom days. This runner still has its distinctive speckled heel with a textured nylon upper and leather overlays. The 3M underlay on the quarter features a honeycomb graphic and colour pops in white on the heel.

 The Blaze of Glory 90s silhouette boasts an air mesh upper with soft nubuck overlays. The TPU piece feature a honeycomb graphic with colour pops in white on the heel pull.

The look and build of the original ‘93 version of the runner, the R698 holds a textured nylon upper with nubuck overlays and green piping for a rich finish.

 PUMA’s most iconic running style the XT2 completes the pack, with its 90s model lightweight textile upper with a full grain leather formstrip in white.

These kicks are available at PUMA SELECT stores in Bree Street, Cape Town, and Braamfontein in Johannesburg.

Green Box Pack at PUMA MJ AND STUFF

*picks the mic back again and slowly swivels it around my fingers and asks “Now what?*

PUMA Green Box pack MJ AND STUFF


Mahlatse James Elle Magazine MJ AND STUFF

You may or may not already know this –even though my friends and I kind of taking to the social media with uncontained enthusiasm, but yours truly is featured in this month’s issue of Elle Magazine South Africa alongside some of the finest local creative individuals, talking about all things and people and things and places and things and vibes and things on our radar throughout the month of November 2014. Holly Meadows; One of my favourite Belles at the Elle Mag HQs thought it a good idea to have me on a panel with those keen to share some of our “regular” weekend plans. And I did. Do pick up the November copy, currently flaming off the shelves and head on to page 41 to #DoTheRightThing. Trust me you can’t miss it, it’s the one with the gorgeous Miranda Kerr on the cover!

Miranda Kerr - ELLE Magazine, South Africa, November 2014

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James in the Elle Magazine

Mahlatse James  MJ AND STUFF Photographed by Tsholo Mothibi

It’s always such a joy when the Belles hit me up.


Anisa Mpungwe

Dearest Anisa.

You make me happy. You really do. It feels like just the other day when I first met you as the newly named winner of the Elle New Talent Award, back in 2008. Both of us moon-eyed and at the brink of what we didn’t anticipate to be colourful careers in this fashion business. I remember just how pitch-perfectly you radiated liveliness in that crazy long interview which detoured into (us) talking endlessly about paying  a little more attention to one’s “gut-feeling” because sometimes the risks we thing we take, are a make-up of the work we’ve been putting in.

I am proud of you for many reasons that could have me go on endlessly, but most of all, I am proud of you for allowing all of us to get to share in your genius. So skilful and passionate, yet tremendously pleasant in the well-thought manner you seem to care for all of us -lovers of great style. This comes through in the strong narrative alongside your design process with each collection you assume responsibility for. Oh, and darling, I simply must congratulate you on your well deserved ambassadorial role for the MRP Foundation. I know that the cause is dearly close to your heart, so it makes absolute sense that you, being at the very top of your field; are part of the mentorship programme to help nurture previously unemployed young South Africans who are enrolled in the MRP Foundation’s JumpStart Programme.

I adore everything about the newest range you designed for Mr Price; once again, a spirited collection keeping true to your ever so brilliant aesthetic. I think it met everything you were aiming for; “classic, but beautifully styled collection which is affordable and accessible” well done.  I love that you drew inspiration from your recent travels across the African continent and took a bold, fearless and slightly progressive clash of festive prints also using geometric shapes. Many women will get to enjoy your genius use of unbiased proportions.

You did well, dear one. You did exceptionally well.


Anisa’s limited edition range is currently available in select Mr Price stores and online HERE. See my picks here below. 










Mahlatse James in an All White Outfit MJ AND STUFF

Winter whites, summer whites, festive whites and whatever cute little box, we (fashion people) like to create for reasons to wear an all white outfit, I think we all just mean to encase the maturing fact this cleanest form of monochrome is –in its very minimalist appearance, one of the most authoritative fashion staple to possibly outshine fad grades. Okay, I may have gone a little too deep there, but essentially, all I am asserting here is that somehow, in a tastefully twisted conduct; wearing an all-white outfit can suggest fashion intelligence as well as it freely counteracts the inevitable partake in trends. I suppose it has something to do with the egalitarianism and wholesomeness affiliated with all things white.

Stylistically speaking, we cannot deny that #AllWhiteEverything has been having many fashion moments for a couple of seasons. Sometimes updated with a few metallic jewels for a majestic appeal and at times, coupled with tan notes to advocate a casual daytime relevance. It hasn’t been much of a secret that I have suffered from a brutal case of #FOMO whenever an invite to an all-white party miraculously skips my address box because you see; I have major plans to rock out a top-to-bottom ensemble like I did in these pics.

There is absolutely no shame in my game when the aim is to look no less than angelic. My approach here is to play a bit with texture and unfussy proportions as a way to update my fondness for street style. Also because one simply cannot afford to appear… erm… “simple.”

Mahlatse James All whote outfit for MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blog

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Black and white


Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF All white outfit

Mahlatse James Street Style MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

South African Fashion Blog MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James wearing an all white outfit MJ AND STUFF



Mahlatse James Metalic pants MJ AND STUFF

This is probably an odd day to write about party pants but whether we like it or not; tis the season to shake a shimmy ever so often and I am having one of those weeks with crazy important things taking place at back-to-back *wipes brow*. I don’t know about you all, but I have certain essential rudiments which add onto preparing for a night out in these fashion streets. First and above all else; I simply have to have a soundtrack for getting ready –the spouse human has that bit on lockdown. Secondly; fragrance, I cannot possibly stress enough on the soared importance of having a signature whiff to trail one’s presence in a pool of people in case you happen to be an uncompromising hugger like yours truly. Thirdly (only because this is where pleasure and a bit of anxiety intertwine) and definitely not last (there is still a face to “beat” and stuff): working out the wardrobe. You see, I have come to go easy on contesting the very evident fact that I habitually create a connective duct as far my personal styling missions stand and even though I cannot validate if the next statement is a “thing” or not, I seem to drift a little bit towards a stern surface shine in my threads. Shocked yet? Well, I aim to appear nothing like a space-age figurine and as you can see in these pics, I am all about counterbalancing my fave shinny “disco” pants with a cardi and golfer plus I have added trait elements with dotted bowtie and plaid suspenders because #PersonalityIsAThing. Yep, these pants went earned a recurring role in my part wardrobe cast.

Metalic pants Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James with metalic pants



Mahlatse James wearing Real + Simple jeans MJ AND STUFF

One’s hunt for a perfect pair of jeans is never ending. #Never. I for one have completely submitted myself to this quest and of course having all the fun known to mankind whilst adding to a very versatile collection. I am not one to claim to know much about jeanpants, as a matter of fact, I am at peace with the realisation that I do not know nearly as much as I probably should despite almost always reading up on updated cuts and fits and washes. The only “system” I seem to consider before acquiring a new pair has very basic conditions; one: would I be able to integrate them into my already existing wardrobe? Two: Will my thighs appear exceptionally amazing? Three: How many washes would it take before the pair looses complete character and stand a chance to fade into the linen-esque vibe? This very important pep talk happens with every pair that makes it into my closet. That said, my newest pair brought with an interesting perspective for me, so to say. REAL+SIMPLE is my ultimate new obsession. Not only is the denim brand dealing locally crafted premium items, the striking edge comes in a form of the ever unfolding allure of raw denim. I prefer to wear my pair of slim cuts in a bit if a loose fit -because roomier jeans are everything to me right now and I am fully taking advantage of all the styling options which is why I am totally crazy about the Selvedge detail I so smugly show off whenever I carelessly fold-up the hemlines. Totally unique and full of personality.



South African Fashion label Real and Simple Jeans MJ AND TUFF

Street Style Mahlatse James Real and Simple jeans

MJ AND STUFF Street Style Mahlatse James


Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Blogger

Do keep it locked onto the REAL + SIMPLE facebook page over HERE


Mahlatse James on Social Media Networks MJ AND STUFF

Missed me? Well the freshness of an electrifying season has me getting all friendly with midnight oils and making fashion things happen because well, great things just have to happen. I am more than excited to be able to share soonest. Anywho, I know y’all know that October is a very special month right here in the MJ AND STUFF HQ. Over the years, I have rebranded in my birthday month, hooked up some amazing giveaways for the very dear of supporters and even thrown shindigs of a mad repute for my friends but this year, as we celebrate this blog’s fourth year (and over a hundred thousand of you who click on average #ShoutOut), I want us to take things onto the next level. A more personal level, shall I dare say!?! Wouldn’t it be just awesome if in addition to keeping it locked right here, we looked into stretching contact across social interwebs? Fortunately, I do not fall into the realm of the “asinine” few who claim to espouse some sort of offence when referred to by their social media handles. I will not get into that, but you best believe that involuntary twitches happen all over my system as I even think about such characters. Anyway, yes, I do have a bit of an active life all over the net and I think would be pretty cool to link up there too. Ypu have probably been following the side bar feeds right here on the blog and that’s rad, (seriously, it is epic stuff) but more often that not, I sometimes do believe that a some of information shared on all these pages doesn’t get to make to make it onto the blog. This is where I confess that my knowledge and understanding of tech stuff is not equal to much. When you get a moment do join me as a run my fashion mouth on all these channels below.

Hit me up on the facebook front.

Mahlatse James on Google + MJ AND STUFF


Mahlatse James on Pinterest MJ AND STUFF (2)

Mahlatse James on Twitter MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James on LinkedIn MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James on Instagram MJ AND STUFF





Am I the only one who launches into a rampage of doodles whenever I am armed with a colour pen? In this head of mine, I envision myself as passionate long distant -like the 1200th in line- cousin of Jean Michel Basquiat (my tale, my cast). Leave me with anything that remotely resembles a canvas, I assume warrant to reform the situation. This here a hobby is about to be realised beyond my immediate family’s strained-eye peeks, all thanks to BOS Ice Tea’s brand new campaign to get us all exercising the left side of our brain works.

For the first time, since their launch in 2010, BOS Ice Tea is opening their design doors to the public to find a unique design for a limited edition flavour, to be launched this summer. Under the wide brief; “Go BOS!” the local brand is inviting everyone to get creative and stand a chance to have their design picked and produces on 100 000 limited edition cans to go in store in addition to a R10 000 cash prize.

No doubt that I jumped on the opportunity to utilize the BOS DESIGNER online app –which is like, crazy easy to use and guides you through the design process- for a few minutes and added a few key party symbols onto the bright yellow packaging, the result of which coincide with the Ultimate Party Constituency.  *Check this pic below.* @BOS will also be giving away spot prizes to new entries throughout the duration of the competition and there will be plenty of BOS Ice Tea product, merchandise and Kalahari vouchers up for grabs.

Ultimate. Party. Constituent.

Ultimate. Party. Constituent.

The competition is open to run until the 3rd of October and if you like, you can download the template to design in your preferred programme or even my hand and use the good old scanner before mailing to

Mahlatse James Ultimate Party Drink Bos Ice Tea

Full #DesignaBos T&C’s over HERE.