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I stand for denim and forever will. This here is an actual fact supported by my almost-daily uniform. Naturally; when my fam at MRP hit me up to ask for my involvement, I jumped on the course to help lead light the next winter’s sensible wardrobe staple. As a stylopolitan who has related to the work-wear-come-fashion-hoist-crane fabric in many different ways, it absolutely made all the sense that I drew inspiration for my contribution from the streets. Be it styled raw, updated, alternative, in a multitude of colourwashes and cuts, denim remains an everlasting cause for streetwear. In these denim-on-denim styled pics (totally my vibe), I hope to communicate that I will be representing the streets on a full-time basis.

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Mahlatse James MRP Denim Campaign MJ AND STUFF



MJ AND STUFF, Mahlatse James

This has to be by far my lengthiest pic based post in the tremendous history of this blog and I am almost certain that looking at these images, you too are likely to understand that I simply could not have left a frame unpublished. Photographed by my beloved when we took time-out from the city jumble after an intense season; I realised on the final morning of the retreat that I could coordinate a print-on-print-on-print-on-print outfit with pieces recently acquired.  It all pieced up, I think. Needless to mention (in parts) that for a human who fashions even in his sleep, I spent a great deal of that weekend in sweats, hoodies, swimshorts and vellies (and yes, I totally spoke of myself in 3rd person). One’s excitement reached peak levels as I curated this look (vellies in tow), befitting for these trialling fashion times. Trialling because a change of season usually thrusts a tinny and exciting hiccup in one’s stylin’ missions. Some people cannot handle the “challenge”. I, on the other hand, thrive on balancing a comprehensive knowledge with the tout sera sera of it all. This here, is the autumn fitting result. All many frames of it!









Mahlastse James MJ AND STUFF AW 2015








Left to Right: Rubicon, Sies! Isabelle, Thabo Makhetha, Matte Nolim.

Left to Right: Rubicon, Sies! Isabelle, Thabo Makhetha, Matte Nolim.

What do we want? REAL Fashion! When do we want it? NOW!” The South African Fashion Week has recently sent out wonderful trend report, depicting threads as recently showcased on the Spring Summer 2015 walkway. Magnificently *insert a wide smile on my face*, whilst carrying an unquestionable South African ID, most of these collections –as confirmed by an in-house analytic, come equal to an international echelon. Talk about Glocalisation. Of course I am super keyed up for all this! So keyed up in fact, that whilst watching some of the shows, I too spotted a trend I foresee to be all kinds of attractive when worn by every single type of woman out there.

Left to Right: Erre, Lunar, Erre.

Left to Right: Erre, Lunar, Erre.

Whether in trails a couple of centimetres behind or skims the floor a little bit, the next season’s flowsy and Bohemian-esque maxi frock is nothing short of sexy. I have gathered that the assertion instigated by these designers must signal an appealing proud and refreshing repossession of character for the kind of woman who is likely to wear her femininity in the hemline not far from the ground. There is a delightful sense of effortlessness about the necessity of this redressed movement, yet through an assortment of appeasing designs and bountifully restructured details; maxi dresses exemplifies power at a very soaring degree.

These below are my absolute faves!

SIES! Isabelle

SIES! Isabelle













Photos by SDR.


MJ AND STUFF BLOG , Head Honcho joggers at Spree.co.za

I am typing this whilst observing one of my favourite things to do outside of the barricades of a SALE sign. I am people-watching through my window. Surveying humans as some of them settle into an admirable routine of sorts, straight after a blissfully long Easter weekend. I cannot help but wonder about their possible wonders for their wardrobes. Particularly in this loom of what feels like a rather frosty winter season ahead –if the morning chills are anything to go by. I know, I am going crazy for some of the pieces I spotted at spree.co.za’s AW15 collection preview. There is a pair of Head Honcho joggers I am simply dying to get into.

Spree AW 15 Head Honcho for THE COLLECTIVE

Presumably taking lead from the much celebrated trend of injecting athletic elements into everyday wear, this pair of pants forms a key part of SPREE’s street relevant range of local designer gear aptly headlined The Collective! I was fortunate to have gushed incredibly at the collection just as it was revealed, in Cape Town, a couple days ago. Imagine the sensible next piece to have in your closet. A piece so appropriate it could even transcend seasons. The ribbed and padded detail on the knee area is a remarkable update to an item that has become a definite wardrobe staple.

... it always all in the details...

… it always all in the details…

Logically, I am dying all kinds of deaths for a pair and will stop at nothing to hook up one. Good news; you too can hook up something nice at www.spree.co.za. We –the rad retailer and I- are feeling super generous and to celebrate all this awesomeness we are giving away a R500 Spree Voucher. All you need to do is drop me a comment *in the essential comments box below* and simply tell me how you would style a pair.

Gushing for the vid.

Gushing for the vid.

Spree AW 15 Jerri Mokgofe Sharon Becker Mahlatse James

Good luck and #WERQ



Aaah, the wrap of a month! How is it that we almost never celebrate this foreseeable finale? (I could be the only one). I say this because this past month (March ‘15) came with pretty rad bearings worth commending Mike Perry’s work with CALL IT SPRING.

The Brooklyn based Artist and Designer; Mike Perry has collaborated with the on-trend footwear and accessories brand to create a fresh capsule collection for ladies and men; sneakers, sunglasses, backpacks, five-panel caps and iPhone cases. First of its kind for CALL IT SPRING, the result/ product brilliantly balances a perfect combination of the brand’s endearing design and Mike’s playful aesthetic.

For this range, Mike Perry used an exclusive “Friends” print which is all kinds of fun and colourful. Rad fact: the shapes that make up the print came to the artist while he was sketching alone in a diner in Tokyo. Feeling a bit homesick, he was inspired by his friends to create a unique colourful characters hanging out together.  “My “Friends” print has always been special to me because of how it came about. I’m so glad it found a home,” says Perry. “

I am super excited for this. Better yet; I am amped that the CALL IT SPRING x Mike Perry’s limited edition capsule collection launched and has been in selected CALL IT SPRING stores since mid-March.

Mike Perry x Call it Spring backpack MJ AND STUFF

Mike Perry x Call it Spring MJ AND STUFF

Mike Perry x CALL IT SPRING 5 Panel peak cap MJ AND STUFF



I don’t claim to know it all. I never really did and I hope to never will. I know what I know and I sometimes try to care for a bit of an interest in whatever else. For example; I do not have the foggiest idea why most of the commentary on this blog comes veiled or via private mail. My appreciation remains sharply paramount though. In the same very tiny bracket of things I do not know for sure, I cannot deny nor confirm if red is fast becoming my favourite colour, like, ever.

The latter is only due to a realisation brought by conversations with one a couple of readers who said to have loved this blazer I wore to the crowning of Miss Veet 2015 –freshly blogged just yesterday. I’d like to think that the only narrative here indicates the exemplary intersect of a probing fashionpolitan and a perfectly made piece.

This magnificent blazer is a thrifted find from a charity store and I will never not wear out an opportunity to tell the tale of how I have gone into the shop to donate items from my wardrobe, whilst dealing with a friend whose patience seemed to thread off until I bribed him with a matching vintage leather coat that could resemble something out of action movies made way before we were born. As fashion fate would have it, the piece I flung off the hangers because I had a bright-bulb moment themed around starched shoulder blades happens to fit me like a glove and equally serve my thing for a topical sartorial mission.







I adore this piece and one thing I know for sure is; I will wear it stunningly, for seasons to come.


MJ AND STUFF Kurt Geiger winter 2015

I love a good windie, I do. This is definitively all because I spent a great deal of the preceding chills’ spell enveloped in all kinds of wonderful pieces and I certainly do miss my “uniform”.  I don’t think I have ever in my entire life as a fashioning human, been so eager for a winter season to creep in with its crisp temperatures, in many parts because I do believe that tis the season to distinguish the real fashion folk from the rest – the seemingly fervently scantily clad kind, I mean! My other reasons feed an excitement to restock layers. At the moment, I am going crazy in circles for the quilted windie from Kurt Geiger’s winter 2015 collection.

Within its European heritage, Kurt Geiger continues to distinguish its range with finer details and intricate stitching. And I figure that this windbreaker epitomises the brand’s tailored and structured motif for this year’s winter. Every single detail carries through an efficient level of sophisticated luxury. Super updated and can (should really) work across all types of wardrobes, all because of its ceaseless benefits. i.e. an ability to can (and should) sculpt one’s torso.

Kurt Geiger Winter 2015 MJ AND STUFF

It is my definite #HotToBag item right now.


SAMSUNG CSCSHE WON!!! That was my gleeful expression followed by a premature wolf whistle, slash short-lived-ululating, when former Miss SA –Melinda Bam, announced the crowning of Odirile Sepeng as Miss Veet 2015. I am not one to claim that I called it, but… -Y’all know I did. And I caught five with her, right after the crowning. Naturally!

Odirile Sepeng Miss Veet 2015 MJ AND STUFF

MJ: Congratulations and all the cool things. You’ve got to tell me how it feels and stuff.

Odirile Sepeng: it is so surreal; I am kind of looking forward to all of this to sink in. As much as this was the goal, it is all so dreamlike right now.

MJ: I can only imagine… tell me, what does any of this, mean to you? I mean, considering that you are a law student who has just bagged the coveted Miss Veet 2015 title?

OS:  Oh, it all gels in, really. I mean, I know now more than ever that determination and motivation can transcend adversity. I came into this competition to learn and absorb as much as I could, in order to be a better version of myself, whether in a professional or personal capacity. Not only have I marked those off my “check-list” I now get to represent one of the most beautiful of brands. It’s all very humbling.


MJ: What went into prepping for all this? You appeared pretty chilled throughout.

OS: In my head, the mere thought of having made it through our (the finalists) challenges, rendered me triumphant. Just as I thought nothing could possibly trump the other, the next level proved to be even more awesome. There is just no way could I claim to have done all the prep work all by myself, I only had to arm myself with an open mind and all the enthusiasm as I could master.

MJ: let’s reel in the younger version of you. Could she have prepped for this any differently?

OS: Oh, I doubt that very much. That will of course depend on how far back we are talking here. As a young woman, I barely have my head wrapped around the concept of adulthood and all its trials. Thankfully, with this title comes the great benefit of having all my mentors at my disposal, so I will take full advantage of that. The younger me would not even have thought of this as a prospect, I also hope to avail myself to young girls and perhaps help propel their varied goals.


MJ:  Lastly; what comes hereafter?

OS: The world is definitely my oyster and I am already bouncing around a couple of ideas to make the best of this reign. I would love to claim that the best is yet to come, but speaking as a person who just got crowned less than a hour ago, I am thrilled for whatever feeling comes after this.


The rarity of Odirile’s brand does not come unnoticed. Talk about quintessential beauty with a brain and enthusiasm to match. This here will be a beautiful reign. I am just super excited to see her grow beyond measure.



Street Style MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

This obsession calls for no halt. I am a fashion man fixated with the odd idea to reel out all styling tricks tried and tested and my pull towards the powerful impact of a black and white look is nowhere near ending. As much as I have admitted many-a-time to a quest for revising fashion’s rules, one that remains more constant (than it is repetitive) is the superbly varying appeal for wardrobe choices with a connective duct from the very tip of my toes, all the way up to the longest of my hair follicles. Let me break it down; black-on-black clothe is never not charming (hello! Have you seen fashion people on a job? Talk about the ONLY enduring sense of uniformity.), the same goes for the idea to smartfully sway into a frequently updated monochromatic side. That said –and trialled, it is the raging attraction to calculated styling measures that sets us apart as we interpret trends. The undeniable power in one’s talent to sensibly pair bits and bobs with a plenty of personality, so to say. One of my few clearly adored fashion pledges include adopting a black and white formula with all the trickery known to mankind, as a nod of sorts to promote a visual statement which can possibly transcend age, sub-culture, gender and perhaps a period bygone.

South African Street Style Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

Plainly put; this look in these pics marks my current state of mind and reflects the desire to balance my influences. For instance, I am not mad the idea to bring in a bit of sport –see the flat peak cap, linked with a baseball shirt atop a pseudo-tropical shirt -anybody keen to acknowledge the pattern play here?  Do spot the cage style metal cuffs for a geometric addition. Included in the contemporary intricacy thus far, I simply had to nod at a retro vibe, and this came through via a classic bowtie paired with Mihara Yasuhiro x PUMA’s refreshing take on the 1930’s style menswear shoe staple; the disc brogues to round off this style story.

MJ AND STUFF SA Fashion Blogger Mahlatse James

Black and white updated monochrome, MJ AND STUFF, Mahlatse James

South African Street Style MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Street Style

Mahlatse James blog, MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James SA Fashion Blogger MJ AND STUFF



MJ AND STUFF Designer Sample sale

I have never not answered this question, yet, to my (frustration masqueraded as) surprise; people who have known me since before I made a profession out of my fashioning tactics, still never tire of asking where /how/when I hook up designer gear. Okay, I agree, these things can sometimes be treated as “underground” cabals and I suppose never quite open up for everyone to attend and possibly get to acquire these (sometimes –one-of-a-kind)  clothing items. Well, as suggested by the flyer here above, a small collective of local designer are hosting a sample sale in Melrose Arch, starting right now, all the way until the coming Saturday’s evening. Some of the local designers are clearing out their archives and everything is priced to go –up to 90% off. Participating top names include Thula Sindi, Gert-Johan Coetzee, Sies! Isabelle, Kluk CGDT, Cult Collective, Anmari Honibal, Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs and of course SUZAAN HEYNS.

I think I might be experiencing whatever level of thrill  comes beyond #ThreadCrazy.

I think I might be experiencing whatever level of thrill  comes beyond #ThreadCrazy.

See y’all there.