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I am not really here to fluctuate between favourite chromes, even thought it really is part of my job to learn and report on what is said to be “in”. Funzies in other parts. Well, right now, as fashion seems set on trying to eradicate the idea of a personal style edit; trend watchers, edufashioned humans in the know and devoted secret societies are piecing together reports suggesting connective references –control issues much? Anyway, this here I have gathered from a blatant dress-up responses, some of which were masqueraded as “last minute picks” throughout the award season. If the mother of all red carpet processions (the 87th Academy Awards) is anything to go by, the colour RED, in all its hues reigns right, right now. #ShockFactor I am for it!

Ok, my reasons could very well be said to mark several referrals really. Including shape shifting cuts; hello midi culottes! Street style relevance; see these killa PUMA kicks. And plentiful androgyny; check the box-cut retro top borrowed from the fairer sex. I have also, never not loved the excitement from styling oneself into the monochromatic trends, using pieces that have been in one’s closet for a while. Monochromatic is used rather loosely in this regard, especially if you are looking at these pics with a layman’s naked eye.

Mahlatse James in Red monochrome

Mahlatse James Street Style MJ AND STUFF

I could go on lengthily about the multi shades of red I went with here, but I shall dare not ignite confusion as spread by last week’s optical illusion frock. I am just keen to verify the charisma of red colourwashes; from, scarlet, to ruby lava, to lust worthy cranberry tints, passion bursting rosso corsas and the rusty chestnut from the chosen background here. It makes all the sense that the psychology of this colour circles around passion and confidence.

MJ AND STUFF Blogger Mahlatse James

South African Street Style MJ AND STUFF

Menswear, MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

Street Style, Mahlatse James, MJ AND STUFF

Monochromatic trends Mahalste James Streets Style




Miss.Veet@Rosebank MJ AND STUFF 01

I am not sure who is to receive glory for the age-old adage propagating the idea of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. True claim this, but what becomes of gorgeousness so irrefutable, it deserves displays of a pretty high honour? Better yet, how about the type of pageantry that is open to interconnect such beauty with brains, great health and non-questionable relevance? These are just some of the values carried by the Miss Veet SA pageant and I have had the pleasure of brunching with the ten finalists competing for this year’s coveted title. And yes, we squeezed in a bit of shopping too.

Miss.Veet@Rosebank MJ AND STUFF 05

I know this might dial up the cheese factor, but after interacting with these ten young ladies, I too believe that adjudicating this contest cannot possibly be an easy deed. Every single one of them possesses a unique quality; charm, ambition and a certain dimension of strength that could very well appear a tad atypical. For example; Alyssa Cole’s curiosity has her balancing a thriving modelling career with plans to study for a second qualification, whilst clutching a Bachelors Degree in Communication Sciences and Business Management. Or, Drey-Andra Otto, the former Miss Teen Namibia (2011) whose farm girl background (she can drive a truck) completely gels well with the appeal of having been a performer for as long as she can remember. Former Miss Teen South Africa (2008), Kopano Mocwane can definitely master the art of allure, yet somehow she shows off this quality with a great sense of modesty, it is no wonder she aims to work behind the scenes with the entertainment industry.  The tragic end to an east coast born and bred Meghan Orbenholzer’s career as a ballerina sees her embracing this participation as a wise step to nurture a prospect profession. At only 20 years of age, Samantha Pascoe has learnt to put forward, the very best of her traits as an all-time Jozi gal and passions which seem to guide her in the veterinarian direction in the future. Hughnique Cawood is about to obtain a Masters Degree in Chiropractic studies is keen to merge her zeal for health care with a great love for the Veet brand. According to Melissa Margiera; Five words to best describe herself include spontaneous, outspoken, enthusiastic, Friendly and talkative.  Hape Moloi’s spot in the top ten signifies work of a favouring universe as she almost did not make the cut, yet she moves closer to her ultimate goal of managing NGO facilities right after finishing her Strategic Corporate Communications qualification.  Olorato Major is no stranger to the spotlight. Having worked within the television industry and modelling industry for a while now, and, a stellar academic record to match her well travelled status; this beauty is ready for a worldly takeover. If I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be the magnetic Odirile Sepeng. Purely because I got to spend a bit more time with her, shopping for shoes and bags and nice things at the Sissy Boy accessories store. In addition to an abundant dose of whim, she is a BCom Law student whose passions stretch to include dissecting visual art, an active lifestyle, youth empowerment among plenty more. I am glad I got to have connected with her.

Miss.Veet@Rosebank MJ AND STUFF 04

 Miss.Veet@Rosebank- MJ AND STUFF 03

The gals are currently undergoing a series of fun and empowering challenges- as part of the prep-process for when Miss Veet 2015 will be crowned in a couple of weeks.  #Excited much?

The gals are currently undergoing a series of fun and empowering challenges- as part of the prep-process for when Miss Veet 2015 will be crowned in a couple of weeks.  #Excited much?



It is very rare that I am short for words. Not me. It is near impossible really. And it feels a bit like being swept out by a tide of awesomeness so massive that I couldn’t even afford a gasp –in case I miss parts of the rush. The second offering from PUMA’s collaboration with the London bred label;  McQ (House of Alexandra McQueen) is all sorts of major and despite the actuality that the ravenousness in me wishes for every single piece, I am contentedly stuck on obtaining the Spring-Summer 2015 version of the Run Mids sneaker. First for the mere truth that I loved them last season, wore the heck out it as seen HERE and of course for the new bright colourway.

I cannot even speak of my obsession. It is a love thing.

I cannot even speak of my obsession. It is a love thing.


Distraction by Bonang Matheba for Woolworths MJ AND STUFF

Aaah, the enchanting Valentines vibe is still very much in the air. You see, it would be purposeless of me to even suggest denying the patent fact that I am the hopelessly romantic kind. In the fluff thickened breath, I cannot help but want to throw back to bygone moments when great style dared to intersect with unquestionable sexiness.

I speak here of one of the exceptional fashion moments to possibly rival plenty exceptional fashion moments, when her royal fab-tasticness; Bonang Matheba delightfully commemorated the trend of observing underwear as outerwear and still uphold a transparent status of tout chic. Do pardon the tautology and take all the puns you want.


Not always easy to equilibrate, this sartorial quest. Some people can easily cliff all way off the trend reference, to a point where flesh is flashed all over the show. Reciprocal discomfort much!?! On the other hand, the whole idea could very well be lost in translation, leaving one resembling a costume-esque appearance. Totally unbecoming.

In these pics I snapped a whole year ago at the launch of her famed lingerie line –Distraction for Woolworths, Bonang nattily opted for an all-black ensemble and worked the proportioned use of texture to aptness. First: my all-time-favourite Fit vs Volume approach matched with the allure of lace alongside a pair of roomier pants tailored to skim just enough of the floor and expose both the high-enough heel and clear band of her shoes. This look resists period and still retains an ageless flair about it. Definitely one of my faves she has worn by far.

Bonang x Distraction x Woolworths x MJ AND STUFF


Bonang Matheba Distraction MJ AND STUFF



Kat van Duinen lookbook  MJ and Stuff

I think I am in love. No, I think I know I am in love. This assertion could in part be because I am not the kind to recover from the Valentines’ Day merriments. Whatever the cause, in my blistering head; this wistful love story stars me, a Kat Van Duinen woman and of course, her Autum Winter 2015 wardrobe. She is near-perfect I tell you. As per the newly published lookbook (a rational follow-up to the #SAFW premiere), in addition to her incontestable mystique, this tall, lithe and poised human/character/woman/person is swathed with in luxurious furs draped over her stunning frame. see? Wonderful!

Kat Van Duinen Lookbok AW 2015

Kat van Duinen has been slayin’ the fashion streets since 2010 –yes, I used “slay” because social media links have been having me in all sorts of ways these days; I have even become something of an expert at using #Hashtags to communicate a full paragraph. Spastic and all. Anywho, as I was sayin’ Kat van Duinen has been slaying the fashion game since 2010 with her eponymous brand increasingly gaining momentum in the chic graded luxury lane and captivatingly balancing the ever so insatiable fashion demands. All whilst fully committed to an ethical approach. This campaign for the A-W ‘15 collection is verification cut to please the eye. And believably, the wearer too.

Kat van Duinen lookbook 1

This KVD woman’s tale goes: Beads glint and glimmer as they catch the light, like frost sprinkled on bare trees. All around you is black –winter has taken its icy brush and washed everything in its cold, ebony hue. Feathers pointed, stiff –crown models (i.e. the wearer) with the feeling of icicles, stopped in their tracks by the season’s chill. Sable feathers flow throughout the collection –an ode to the picture of the crows lining fences and stark branches gazing out across a cold, barren land hauntingly still… frozen. Glistering classy organza overlays catch your eye, hinting of frozen lakes and water stopped in time by a gelid winter’s morning. How can anyone not fall crazy over heels for this human in this setting? I just secretly want her skull crystal embellished over coat. #ThereISaidIt

A piece after my heart!

A piece after my heart!

Kat van Duinen AW 2015 Lookbook

KVD Lookbook AW 2015

Kat van Duinen AW 2015 as seen at SAFW

KVD AW 2015 Lookbook



NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Have y’all been following the recently wrapped (and not short of topical) Australian Open?  Yeah, the tennis tournament? I have. Well, only via the Twitter streets because seriously, I have fashion missions, social interwebs and things to deal with on the daily basis. That said, I am all about paying homage to the sport sans an occasion and time to actually get to swing a racquet. Rationally; I resorted to a threads approach and right on time, as if fittingly cued; my PUMA fam happens to presently house a premium collection to match.

“…the PUMA Select Tennis Collection sees the Boris Becker OG make a welcome return as a key item amongst a full collection of rad apparel and accessories…” and boy did the bring it! The range enlivens PUMA’s eminent tennis category which ties in very well with the current fashion movement in seek for the next stage beyond the common “Sports Luxe” trend. The updated pair of Becker OG kicks, is finished in a rich leather with distinctly striking details and this makes it a definite collectors’ item.

NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

I am here for these kicks. #TrueStory

I am here for these kicks. #TrueStory

Fun fact:  to retain the authentic roots to brand’s archived timelessness; the campaign for this SS15 collection also stars the legendary Boris Becker’s son, Noah. Becoming relevant to everyone, including a streetwear consumer and a fashion enthusiast with an ability to construct a stylish outfit using separates.


NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

PUMA Served it.


MJ AND STUFF Street Style Crytal Kasper

You gotta love my kind of work. Sometimes (though not nearly often enough) the fashion world widens its rhinestone-encrusted bell-sleeved arms to identify and welcome an individual (collectives are yet to verify any sort of longevity) I could only describe as a rare and clear-cut style luminary. An industry oldie buddy of mine has a fascinating habit of obsessesing over the almost assured successes of these new-kids-on-the-blog-blocks and in the same breath of enthusiasm; she freaks out a little… inevitably. One such a lined-to-be-knighted stylopolitan is none other than the indisputably gorgeous Crystal Kasper of

Hers is a star that deservingly beams the brightest right now and from my regular interactions with her, themed with casual fashion missions –of course, I get it. Crystal is a lover of clothes, more so, a great lover of style. This comes out in the meticulous way she styles her own looks on her muchly adorable blog. I tell you, Crystal Kasper possess the rare most versatile of a gift when it comes to effortlessly putting together a stunning look with a super wide resource stream. The result of which is combo of raised brows and grin-worthy awesome feelz, succeeding a passionate yet nonchalant vibe.

Tomorrow marks the birth date of this mother, wife, all-round-rad human and a fashionpolitan whose position on our table is definite. In addition to wishing her a hugely successful year ahead –brimmed with everything she hopes for and so much more, I do hope to have done some sort of justice to her beauty and her #AllWhite steez these pics I shot just the other day.

South African Fashion Bloggers Crystal Kasper MJ AND STUFF

Crystal Kasper Street Style MJ AND STUFF

Do keep beaming, darling.

Do keep beaming, darling.


QUICK #OOTOD: Outfit-OfTheOtherDay


Here’s a real quick one: this here is small series of thrown back pics of me snapped by The Sir, the other day when an excellent and reverberated piece of art made a little b***h out of me and my mashed-up-blues-on-blues-from-top-to-just-below-the-knee-length-outfit. It’s not a biggie though; I’d much rather be “done in” by art than anything else. This sure is one of the rare occasions where words would just not be enough.









The heat here in Joho is crazy in ever soaring highs, I simply refuse to believe that I might be the only person fantasizing about the coming winter season. I know, it is a tad untimely but I am plainly just not dealing anymore. A “melting stylopolitan” is not (and will never be) an attractive vibe for me.  As a likely effect here in my camp, I –together with a wild collective of alter-egos have all energies set on the looming period when warmth is only but a controllable option. Not too successful as far as sourcing my own wardrobe is concerned, all thanks to habitual online shopping missions –which are on the tricky side of life right now because not a lot of sites seem too keen to slap the boldly red sale sign diagonal across their “MUST HAVE” pages.  I am however, already in talks with some of my clients to start piecing up a stunning selection. First stop: IKKS!

I have been an attentive fan of the French brand since the strikingly beautiful Karabo Rafuza brought the first IKKS store into the country and opened a flagship in Hyde Park Corner a couple of seasons ago. As one of the perks of being such a dear friend of the label, I had a remarkable chance to preview the winter 2015 collection over magnificently put-together brunch on a rooftop. #LifeOfABlogger. if the samples presented that day are anything to go by, I can vow that woman, thou art styled up!

All in the details

All in the details

Think: a fierce and faultlessly dazzling junction of classic androgyny and a selection of updated bohemian references. Not too shy on the texture front and a colour palate so regal and functional, some of the pieces on this particular line could be worn for as long as possibly desired. I do suppose you can now probably gather my fervour, which is why I will not make time to pick faves as yet –these things need studying you know. Until stock arrives in store, we will enjoy these campaign images and one small collage of details I fell in lust with.









House of Diva Bubble Dress at Burgundy Fly

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a tad M.I.A in these streets of now late. Okay maybe a lot M.I.A in these streets and for this, pangs of guilt continue to have their wicked ways with me. I have however, not gone easy on fashioning missions and am working on a plan to equally #SERVE all these rad spheres. Much like the recurring tale of my life; great loves of mine prove to ring for a re-run, ever so often (thy mind shall reside not in the gutter)… yes, ladies and the most gentle of gentlemen; I seem to have taken to nursing quite a number of styling projects.

It feels all sorts of good to make a return to dealing threads at this level. I hadn’t really sworn off duties to skilfully gather clothing and bags and accessories and working together with brilliant teams of fellow stylopilitans and the oh-so-incredible thrill of watching it all piece up and taking something of a stylish shape. If anything, I feel that even though I have (during intermission periods) communicated my fashion ways through mediums poles apart, the course remained strong. I live for it!

South African Fashion Stylist Mahlatse James

In these pics, I was tasked with contributing to a series of catalogue spreads for one of the most amazing (seriously, AMAZING) retailers of local fashion; Burgundy Fly and I got to link-up with a talented team whose madcap friendship I would not trade for anything. I just happen to have love-LOVE-loved fussing over this stunning bubble dress by House of Diva.

Mahlatse James Styling the Burgundy Fly catalogue

Burgundy Fly Catalogue Styled by Mahlatse James

Stylist Mahlatse James

Whilst holding  it down on the styling front alongside the abundantly talented Tsholo Mothibi on snap session duty, with such a remarkable face-beat by Tsholo Ramashala of Make-up Couture, hair hooked-up by Bongani and the gorgeous Khanya Mlilo as the adorable model.  Big-ups to the Burgundy Fly team on set too; Dolly and Nhlanhla.

Be not alarmed dear ones, as much as I now spend a heck lot of my time in studious or setting up at an odd location; this here blog will be cared for with just as much verve and attention.

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*