Dear AFI: what happened there!?

At the Inaugural Africa Fashion Week # 2009I’m just going to come out and state that I am not the brand of guy to get vexed up easily. But one can imagine my position when I received mail stating that I could not be granted media accreditation for this year’s Africa Fashion Week.

You see, I am a lover of fashion and have been for as long I remember knowing which side to wear my pants from (reel in a sound effect for my seven years as a working professional in the industry), but I am not the kind of human being who precede my tirades with “do you know who I am?”… No, if anything, I opt for the road less taken. However; I still don’t know what could have the reason for Africa Fashion International or their new publicity representative been to accept my accreditation form and decide that I am suddenly not cool people!?

Oh well, my style heart is bleeding a ghastly cocktail of all things vile that I missed the shows especially considering that I have been designing various angles to cover the entire fashion week, but I’m glad for the first time in a very long time, I had so much time to partake in other things. -From what I hear, I really didn’t miss much!

Even though I was proscribed from attending the key shows, I went to a fantastic show as invited by a dear darling designer friend and made it to the concluding awards ceremony. –this time as a friend’s “plus-one”.

Things we do, to play a part in modish affairs…


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