Dragon wears for H&M

OMG! –and I never say “omg” but gawd-darn-it hard-rock elements will forever be a part of us (the style loving lot)!

 We all know and to certain degree are part of the huge hype created by the up-coming movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and you can imagine the never ending volumes of excitement I beamed in when I heard that the movie’s Costume Designer (Trish Summerville) has teamed up with the ever so awesome H&M to create a 30 piece collection. 

The range will be in 180 stores world wide as of the 14th of December this year (I do accept late B-day gifts) and Yes it will everything Lisbeth Salander would wear and maybe a few re-interpretations of what she wears in the film, like super-awesome leather pants (On to the B-day list), worn out style jeans, ill-fitting hoodies and studs where it needs be…

 I was begining to feel a little two seasons old since everybody has taken to slashing me with a side-eye everytime I go punk mod with outfits. Now I can borrow a line I stole from a friend that “they just don’t know things”….


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