In dire need of a Dr

Oh Dr.Martens! My earlier interaction with these ankle length marvels must have been sometime between 1994 and 1996! They were on everyone’s must-have-list and the lucky few kiddos who got to wear them for primary school concerts and casual days.

When I think about the period my heart pranced with fierce intentions, I can only remember them donned with seemingly heavy white socks, the shortest denim shorts and larger black round-neck Tees. As everything in vogue, the ‘Docs’ were later deemed something of an aged season and some people even swore them never to make a return…

Style: 1460 -This right here is a top lust have!

Well I have a confession: I have secretly been investigating the label’s progress over the years and often slunk in well motivated commentary about the possibility of timelessness –I have even gone further to pseudo-stalk a few awesome people who have worn the boot ever since.  

Saying 'no' to these Vintage 1914 should be criminal!

ANYWHO; I’m now at the point of my life where I can openly embrace Dr. Martens and hope to acquire a few pairs for my self soon. I’m talking here about the grungy old school kind and some of the newer designs! And, I’m not the only one.




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