Reddish red hair Swagg!!


"There is something red about this sittuation"

Those whom I have moved around must have seen that the colour of my hair has taken a carmine direction. Yes, I’ve been toying with the idea and threatening to inject transformation in my life for while and finally I have gathered up guts and went RED!


red inked micro-phone


Before you go on and assume that I resemble something out of Rhianna’s two beats old music videos or Dennis Rodman’s RollingStones cover, may I just add that I have opted for a more rusty, ‘fire-brick’ shade –to function just as well when I’m wearing my hair in a ‘fro!

 You can imagine the shock my spousal-equivalent had upon my return from the salon when I leaped into the car with teenage like glee and a full body of newness!

 Even though I don’t really know how far I’ll keep the red, I know I will be rocking the hell out of the washed out version over the festive seasons!!!


This intervention was very well inspired by a gift from a friend… All Hail HERBATINT!

Love Love Love