Model of the now: Didier Zonga!

I must be really odd because even though I love everything that goes with my line of work, it takes so much for me to go gooo-gooo-gaga over models. A dear friend of mine mentioned that maybe I just demand too much out of the leggy bunch –when off duty and I argued that my challenging case of shoddy giggles has absolute ziltsch to do with the pretty lot!

So to prove dearest pencil pushing pal wrong, I am going to attemp regular features around my favored ‘Schmortzels’.

The current name on my pouted lips is; Didier Zonga!

Some might feel like there is too much hype around him and after meeting him live and having a chance to conduct a one-on-one interview with him for I reserve the right to declare him eternally topical!

The current brand ambassador for the timeless, ever so superb Aramis perfume was in the country for one day only to grant interviews with a few media folk.


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