Riaan van Zyl’s Pulse

I have a confession. (one of many to come here on this blog); I used to think that art as an activity was meant for types of people I would never really get associate myself with. -Blame that on growing up in a household without cable!

Fast-forward to today and I too was once upon a few years ago profiled as an artisan of sorts by a dear, extremely kind commentator. This then opened my silly eyes to a whole new form of creative communication… ART!! I can now hold my own when it comes to partaking in conversations about the outlet. The fun part of theses conversation is when people form opinions about the quality of mediums or when for some insane reason they dare compare artists.

Great news for Cape Town based art enthusiasts; Riaan van Zyl’s fourth art exhibition appropriately tittled ‘Pulse opens tomorrow in the mother city, sponsored by Vergenoegd Wine Estate. -I like where this is going!!

Here below is a clearer description of what one should expect to witness.

The exhibition will be opened by artist MJ Lourens.

‘Pulse’ is a series of van Zyl’s sketches and paintings. The magnetic heartbeat of the world is sketched using the sculptural form of trees and a surrealist horizon, thus creating a cardiogram of our existence.

He assembles contrast, line and structure to explore the vast visual landscapes that challenge the understanding of our milieu. Sketches composed of random lines in space or strong emotive mark making on canvas, takes open spaces and geographic expanses and create strong composition. Following the precepts of expressive minimalism, a conceptual framework is created for the viewer to get lost in.

He uses his chosen mediums to its full potential. Layers and layers of oil paint, hundreds of erasers and a lot of charcoal. In his big sketches and paintings, the forced scale consistently creates strong and powerful images. His engagement with the landscape provides a portal through which we can enter his extraordinary world. Some of his works function as both an exercise towards line and movement – a result achieved through copious daily “drawing”.

If you are in the cape between tomorrow the 17th of November and Tuesday the 22nd November 2011, do check out the show at 120 Buitengracht Road and let me know so we could start our own conversation.


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