MJ the snap-o’logist!! -The making of my flirt with photography.

A classic front-row pose with fellow thread loving friends Sandiso and Sarah.

Oh how I love pics! I’m the type of character who is quick to erect my neckline and attempt to smize at a sight of a flashlight -whatever direction it beams in. friends have a tendency to whine about my “gift” to twist, turn and strike a pose at an instant. So you can imagine my uncontrollable, random vogue-ing when the gals at Tribeca PR hooked me up with an invitation to Nikon and Epson’s day of snapping away.

Truth is; I suck behind the camera. I suspect that my spouse (a closeted bloody good photographer) always fights off the need to marathon across the room and yank the gadget out my hands, every time I aim for any of the many confusing buttons and squint my eyes into the lens.

Zama Nkosi from COSMOPOLITAN getting into her cam

Upon my arrival at the chilled do, I mingled with fab media lot and snap professionals over breakfast while tapping my rugged Converse clad feet beneath the table in a fearsome anticipation of the unknown. But in no time we were loaned the new slick-and-slim Nikon COOLPIX 3100 camera and received relevant tutoring about exciting developments within both Nikon and Epson productmania. It turns out that photography requires a lot of attention and the are about a gazilion of small, yet very necessary items to consider before snapping away! Who would have thunk it?

Snaps lesson 101

Before I knew it, the major opportunity to ‘go out there and “fire” at something (anything)’ arrived and a cocktail pang of anxiety and excitement got the better of me. I mean, me, armed with a camera? I felt that my creativity was being tested and the last thing I wanted was to go down in history of Epson and Nikon Develop yourself as a looser. So out I went and tried my near-hardest to find really cool stuff to capture from various angles. -all within 200 meters on Fox Street down town Joburg!
Tokiso Molefe from True Love magazine , leaning down-low for a mean shot!

COSMOPOLITAN's Kim Garner aims for the 'raw' part of the street.

The result? A total of 70 shots consisting of what I soaked up from the earlier tutorial. The sad part was having to edit all those photos to five (which we printed from a series of cool Epson printers) -the most terrible part of it all was letting go of some really awesome shots in ‘Fill flash’, some on ‘Grayscale’ and a whole lot in black and white. I even attempted ‘Panning’ on some pics.

At the lunch we received one enlarged and framed image we had to nominate as our finest. I went with a piece inspired by;Chris Saunders’ Dressed Up. Except instead of a monochromatic focal point, I captured legs of migrant laborers draped from a skateboard ramp!!!

A possible career in photography? Hell bloody yeah!



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