Tale of an aging fashionista’s gift ideas

Dear lord, I’m ageing! I never thought I could see the day when I curate these words in relation with self. But yes ladies and gents, in a few weeks I will be jumping over to the next quarter of a century and this includes the possibility of waving goodbye to my days as a waif-sized twink.

Those who know me in a personal capacity will testify that I love everything to do with gifts. I love giving gifts and derive never ending pleasure in giving gifts to those dearest to me. However, I happen to know a lot of people who just suck at giving me gifts. Yes yes yes “its the thought that counts” blah blah blah, but how is it that I never get to have a say in gifts I would like to unwrap?

Damn it, I am reserving the right to compile my own wish list and can only ever hope that my people can adhere closest to it.

I’ll take a Blackberry Anything!!!

After having fought off the addiction that is a smartphone, I swear I deserve a life where I don’t always have to carry gram loads of files and an entire laptop in my tote whenever I’m jetting across town for a meeting.

Ink me…

Getting inked has been on my ‘to do’ list for almost a decade and now I have braved the possibility of unbearable pain. I mean how bad could it be? Even the most wimpy of people have tats.

Blue me up anyday…

Being in fashion means I am frequently exposed to precious gems big and small. My birth stones happen to be the blue kind and I keep envisioning myself wearing one proudly -in the future starting on the 8th of December.

Always up for a pretty read.

This has year has been great in fashion illustration publishing. Great designer houses have brought out coffee table books, photographers have gone wild with editions of their own. I find these marvels timeless.

All these dreams have to go somewhere!

I am an avid lover of varied beliefs and the most quirky they are, the better. A friend keeps a lot of these above her head stand and being an insomniac that I am, one should definitely be hung somewhere in my house.

Ain’t no spring in this step.

Luckily, my spousal-equivalent has already sorted me out by gifting me with a gorgeous pair of tan boat shoes I have been eyeing since the dusking of winter months. Poor sod can’t keep a secret to save his life.

See? I’m not too difficult, I just like things that would make sense to me and things I am likely to utilize.


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