Brutally Glamorous!

As I’m writing this post, I’m reminded of my pool of girlfriends who are always too quick to put me in my couture place every time I whine about why do girls get to have more fun!

I have decided not to hate because Lawd knows as much as Beyonce keeps declaring that Girls Run the World, most could do with a lesson on how to glam it up while stitching their marathoning fabrics. Naturally nobody really wants to get the sweat work done but thankfully Brutal Fruit has found a fun-filled way to commence such a job.

Yup, we’ve all witnessed that over the past few years Brutal Fruit has become classier by the air kiss, so the awesome people at Brutal Head Quarters have decided to offer workshops dedicated to spoil woman folk through a host of fun-filled activities.

Allow me to take you through it gently. Brutal Fruit has adopted the globally famed trend of Glamping! (Glam-Camping, -the stylista way). There will be two separate workshops next year (1st on the 11th of Feb and the next on the 12th) aburst with hints, tips and many important facets of glamorous womanhood. These will include sharing joyful lessons around lifestyle, beauty, body and spirit. -can somebody say an all-in-one necessary make-over?

To prove that they are just as current as the rapidly racing tech-world revolution, coveted tickets to these events at the slam-bam-beautiful Casalanga can be obtained through various online social media platforms, in-store and all forms of media mediums imaginable.

100 VVIP ladies will experience the delight of a full five-star overnight glamorous camping stay each, while being able to mingle with local celebs. Access to VVIP tickets is only obtained via Brutal Fruit’s Facebook & Twitter pages, which include games that need to be completed for entry.

The competition is now on, Starting point here:

Okay, maybe girls really do run this mutha!


One thought on “Brutally Glamorous!

  1. Ahhh…. Glamping!!! What a fabulous idea.
    I love this concept!
    Makin me look like me only,Brutally Glamourous!
    Sounds like fun times.

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