An ideal Calm Grey Goose Friday

Nobody, knows cocktail hour like I do! I must be one of the few man-people to admit that I absolutely love weird looking beverages. My obsession is so trans-seasonal, I’ve given up on trying to consume anything less decorated.

Trust me, when I say that I have adopted Hot Leg (my new favourite band)’s Cocktails as the sound track of my life. So in honour of the English Glam Metal Band -and my uncontrollable dehydration, I will from today onwards, dedicate my Fridays to share my cocktail of the week and try to twist recipes out of my Bar operating BFFs.

Hot on my "Sipping" playlist... HOT LEG

This week, I have to pay homage to Grey Goose and their mixologist ambassador Kevin Snyman, for having designed a range of summer cocktails using the premium Vodka.

Master Mixologist, Kevin Snyman!

My cocktail of the week has to come from the collection and I have to go with the Calme Idèale (Ideal Calm) -spot my first ever in-season relevance!

This cocktail is definitely fantastic for a summertime refreshment, light and easy. Grey Goose is coupled with sweet notes of Martini Bianco and complemented with Green ice tea. The trick to this cocktail is the addition of mint.

25ml Grey Goose vodka
50ml Martini Bianco
1 mint stalk
Top with green ice tea

Add Grey Goose and Martini Bianco into glass of cubed ice, top with green ice tea, clap mint stalk and place into glass.

garnish with mint stalk and serve in a tall glass!

Is this Beauty in a glass or what!?

The good thing about Kevin’s recipes, is that he keeps it easy and prefers to use 3 or 4 ingredients.



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