2012 about L’Homme Fatale

The best part about returning from a good holiday is the rested feeling and a collection of those little moments one had to honestly scrutinize one’s personality and motives surrounding existence -Boy do I sound deep or what! It turns out that I have an interest in casting myself as an archetype well described in an essay composed by Tim Banks in the 13th issue of Another Man magazine. L’Homme Fatale.

Therein he discusses the seductive allure of deadly men across the 18th, 19th and 20th century. These men share the an optimum level of confidence, thoroughness and overall attractiveness which is furthest from cocky, if anything these characteristics only ever manifest in the presence of parties with an interest. Or better yet, parties with capabilities to add to their brand. Merely because they are that bad -a good kind of bad!

The timeless rumoured "omnisexual" L'Homme Fatale

Blanks’ anecdote had me thinking about my first encounter with such a character; my late dad -the ultimate L’Homme Fatale supreme! Having gone through life witnessing the ease at which he navigated through spaces working his seemingly innate charm, made me want no less than my own polymorphous journey. My ‘pops’ was the kind of man whose entire existence was draped with non-disputable greatness oddly matched against a rather rogue personality and this showed in everything he stood for. His glamorous but not feminine sense of style (almost infant androgyny if I may), his interrelations with total strangers and his part structural, part libertine nature.

Be it as "The Trousernake" or gracing style files, Justin has swagg for days.

I know that most online search engines lead to articles about the seemingly selfish-sly-fuck of a dude whose only interest is to manipulate the opposite sex into eating from the palm of his hand before he heads for the hills. Well, in reality, such asses do exist but my particular interest in L’Homme Fatale, is the manner in which he tunes his behavior as dictated by his current surrounding. His sense of style is largely influenced by the very same surroundings, yet it sticks out. His sins (because like many human beings he will commit plenty) might as well be written at a beach front, because forgiving him takes very little. More than anything, just when you think you have him figured out, he goes ahead and rattles the your belief in the most captivating of ways.

A little hair tint and all is forgiven... Chris the new age L'Homme Fatal

Even if it means I have to live in stretched shadows of my late dad, 2012 is my year to try to morph into L’Homme Fatale the best way I know how!

Lest we forget, how Jared made "guy-liner" topical!


5 thoughts on “2012 about L’Homme Fatale

  1. I really like this. For some reason I have forgiven myself for the sins I have committed in the first 6days of year. Damn it is going to be a long year. I wish I can switch off that emotional awareness. But these flawed world beautiful species make me accept that it is ok even if I am dancing alone on the dance floor. Even better if one or two people join me. It is not about the numbers but the quality. Rock on.

    • Well do you consider yourself one such an archetype or is it a case of having encountered one? I have to ask prior further commentary as for some reason I cannot seem to relate your noteworthy stanza to the piece!

      Good for now!

  2. It is simple these species love life. Some get into trouble. Some misunderstood. Yet they do not carry a burden of apolosing for who they are. Because they are so authentic you cant help but love them even when they sometimes make your skin crawl. I lived my life like that once until I tried to be accommodating and nice. It has not served me well. This piece releases

  3. Oh now I get it, You see; from reading your earlier comment, neither me, nor other readers of this blog would have guessed how you relate your use of lyrical ‘rhyme’ schemes to the overall seductive allure of deadly men.

    I’m glad this piece leads you to emancipation though!

    • Actually I will not call it emancipation rather I will call it self challenging I think the reason these species are alluringly attractive is because they project the bad boy or girl inside of us we have been conditioned to ignore because we somehow believe that the good and bad in us are not inextricably merged. The idea of them give one that moment of freedom…I picture James Dean

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