Oh my Marie Claire!

The Current Issue of Marie Claire SA

I have just read http://www.ifashion.co.za’s first newsletter of the year and I absolutely love the conversation between Emma Jordan (ifashion’s super cool Editor) and Marie Claire’s (Genius) Fashion Director -Sharon Becker; about the magazine’s January 2012 Beauty shoot. This post is greatly inspired by the part when they touch on what it takes to break into the industry, it got me thinking about the few months I spent working at the top fashion mag’s joburg office…

In the last parts of the previous year, I was fortunate enough to form part of a team most people would probably only ever dream about. Marie Claire South Africa finally gave in to my lengthy nagging desire to experience the ongoings when producing one of the leading magazines in the country.

...With Bee Diamondhead, MC's Fashion Ed.

I served the most amazing three months of my life under guardianship of some of the best -and I mean; some of THE VERY BEST, creative folk in the land. To cut fun-long-tale-short, I joined the team as an intern (darn the bloody hiring freeze), in the right time. International blogging sensation Bryan Boy was brought in the country by the glossie to host a few workshops and more importantly, to hand over the inaugural Best Fashion Blogger award at the annual Marie Claire Prix d’Exellence de la Mode. You won’t understand my borderline out of control haul if I dare express how I felt when my very first duty was to show him around Joburg’s hot spots, lunches and plenty shopping during his stay. As if that was not enough to set my pores into an over-perspiration drive, I got to write about it on http://www.marieclaire.co.za

Shopping with Bryan Boy!

Bryan Boy came and left, then the ‘real’ work began or in my case; real fun. During my time there a friend of a person who happens to be closely affiliated with someone I knew in my past life asked why I was “settling for interning, at my age, after doing quite a lot in the industry?” a question which led to a heated debate about taking one’s brand (too) seriously and “instability within the fashion world”. I really could have tried to explain my former seemingly gypsy tendencies in my career reasonably followed by vile or rammed her second chin into the full-fat paella we shared (please try to ignore forming images of the latter), but I’m too good a gentleman.

Chilling with the light that is Sheena -The fashion Intern.

By-the-by, working at Marie Claire was nothing if not a reminder of the many reasons I love doing what I do and I would do it again faster than a pace at which Nonhle must have realised that moving to Hollywood requires some form of talent. Not only do I thrive on the thrill of deadline week and being surrounded by High-End clothing all day long, I absolutely adore the gals too!!!

Fashion Assistant Candice is all kinds of fantasticness!!

PS: Weird how I only have images of the gals I shared an office with, I guess my groupie tendencies suck.
Aspasia Karras -the Editor, this lady is a hard working Rockstar, dunno how she finds time to still look hot everyday amidst the madness!
Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine -the (then) Assistant Editor, Super smart. Cool and the real reason I finally got up my ass and started this blog.
Sharon Becker -Fashion Director -If fashion had one face this woman would count as a heavy contender. I am yet to entertain the possibility of greater talent!
Mathahle Stofile -U.L.T.R.A.A.W.E.S.O.M.E. And so real!
Malaika Alf -Beauty Assistant, insanely beautiful with a personality for days.

The fashion office beauties...


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