The non-ne’erdo-well Naomi!

I love it when industry pioneers exceed the so erected barriers and beam as superstars within their trades. Such is the case with Naomi Campbell, whom in my opinion is really the first model. I derive a near psychotic joy over the fact that even people who are not interested in fashion, (I am not even going to get into this) do know who she is and what she does. Recently, she spared her wonder killer bod -legs, face and chesticles to star in a Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012 campaign as shot by the equally amazing Steven Meisel.

Stricking a pose with Kristen McMenamy, Karen Elson and Daphine Groeneveld.

In classic Cavalli style the collection had printed silk dresses, gold finished embroidery and festooned with plenty luxe. To quote Liza Minneli’s catchphrase; Naomi is absolute “divine decadence dah-ling”.

41 has never looked this great!

Everyone is going crazy, claiming that this is Naomi’s major comeback. Well, I have news, she ain’t never left the building!!!

Sharing a shot with Kristen - the 47yr old is still haute!

....and scene!

Source: the Daily Mail.


3 thoughts on “The non-ne’erdo-well Naomi!

  1. Like vintage wine she gets better with time(cliche). Well the story takes you through the nastalgic journey which you suppose slowly sip and perhaps acknowldge that she may indeed never left, maybe she did take us through a different journey and bam she sparkles again. Nostalgic moment.

  2. Naomi has always been good in what she does. Not only beautiful,smart but she makes Modling an art along with the likes of Tyra Banks and kimore lee

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