Me and my cloth!!

“Hello Africa, tell me what’s on your head?’ This is what my spouse chorused when I returned back to Joburg from my mother’s house with my latest obsession… THE CLOTH!!!

mercy-mercy me African textiles make so darn happy. I love seeing them, love talking about them, reading about them and of coarse; wearing them in the most exciting of ways. I am a man all about collecting all things lush.

My collection thus far...

This baby is from Mali with Love and Now My pool party number

My spouse bought this number in 2008 for Heritage Day. Now it's all mine!

Found two of these in my late "Nana"'s kist...

I just couldn't resist this fun number when I walked past the fabric shops downtown Jozi.

My newest love from Mozambique.

This used to be my aunt's wrap skirt in her youger years... Now my head wrap!

To keep my tribal print dream alive, I intend to acquire a few pieces from Gareth Cowden’s Babatunde range. Neck ties, head gear, umbrellas. I want it all.

My Babatunde dream...


3 thoughts on “Me and my cloth!!

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