Weekend talk about Winehouse and style.

I have been asked why I haven’t written about the only collection at this year’s couture showing to have crossed from fashion news to daily paper material. Over the weeks I have argued that it is because we just can’t deny that “newness” and “relevance” in fashion sort of depreciates as soon as lights dim off the runway. The moment the first re-tweet goes live, words typed by bloggers and trend reviewers alike are only as good as relics to flood research portals. Well, that was of coarse until I was threatened by friends also known as the Amy-Winehouse-rettes (can you tell I just made that one up), insisting that if I don’t compose and publish this post; my membership to the alternative dressers club would be revised. -can’t have any of that.

Icon? me thinks yes!

Just this passed weekend Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2012 collection made it into our conversation over G&T and GhostPops. Providing me with even more angles to write from, but this is a blog post and I have to intention to type thousands of words and bore you to death. So let’s get into it, shall we? Each stanza represents a point as expressed by my congregation.

Amy, the runway muse…
Jean Paul is a great designer and that goes without saying. There are elements of Amy in the collection but I feel as though the beehive hairdo' and heavy wing-eyeliner came out stronger as far as direct referencing is concerned. I am not discounting the the nipped waist as only Miss Winehouse wore best and understandably as an evolving designer running a successful label he had to put together a show. I respect the exciting use of lengths, textures and colors all sharing one shape and cleverly balanced with black notes… back to black? In Gaultier's words despite the belatedness of this homage effort “it is not a funeral. They are happy brides”

Very, Very Amy.

Amy, the legend and the myth…
Collectively, we (me and the ‘winehouse-rettes) all really loved the “put together” version of Amy Winehouse. Her love and talent for bridging bygone into with today, almost as though she was raised in a time capsule. This transcended her sense of style and music professionals do claim that the same translated into her music. She has inspired a large subculture in a period where a personal identity was at the most ripe of peaks. It makes absolute sense that she will go down in history as as an icon of sorts. I mean; who else is going to carry a brand with a cocktail of personae? An English soul music maestro with a voice at least 60 years older than she is. Arm sleeves festooned with tattoos. Eye makeup that has inspired people at every level of class and that hair. My God that glorious hair!

Amy's dad Mitch…
This part here sparked a huge debate. A debate almost as large as whatever workload going into Madonna's PR machine. My favorite has to be when he told The Sun in the UK that the collection “portrays a view of Amy when she was not as her best and glamorises some of the more upsetting times in her life”… uhm. DUH! He went further and mentioned that the family is proud of her influence to fashion (as you have guessed it a major “BUT”) “but black veils on models, smoking cigarettes… was in bad taste”. Is this guy serious? Amy was a bloody good singer, I'll testify to that. Does Mitch not know lyrics to the hit single which made his daughter a massive force in the industry? We also can't ignore the fact that part of the reason Back to Black was so well hyped has to do with Amy changing her image from what it was when she recorded her debut album. and it bloody worked. It is the very same image that will go down in history. The thing is; we choose our icons and in Amy’s case, we take her in whatever form.

We love this amy too!

If by wonder what the problem is with Mr. Winehouse? He was not at all impressed by the house of JPG not consulting with him before, there were also no talks about donations prior everything. Not that he is pissed off or anything. Well, according to Times LIVE; “The Daily Mail has reported that the designer is indeed donating profits set up in the songstress's name”. So dearest Mitch Winehouse as the newest member of the Amy-Winehouse-rettes would put it… SIT DOWN!!!


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