Style Crush: Wide Leg pants


wide-leg pants are to die for!! I love everything about sometimes having to wear roomier pants and style them in many exciting ways.

Say yes to more Lanvin.

Bless the heart of Hedi Slimane for spearheading the slim fit trend (a “movement” -if I may-, which spread throughout the world across sartorial hierarchies over many a season) during his time at Dior Homme and I too am one of the menfolk who appreciate and understand the great importance of owning clothing seemingly made just to fit one’s body, with no less than a wish to someday gather up guts to publicly don a pair of Walter Van Bierendonck-esque super tight pants. But this post right here, is about my affair with wide legs!

Even Ferragamo knows this!

I’m really not one of those people who swear to never wear something or dare to look down at people who opt to go for the type of clothing I’m currently not hyping -For goodness’ sakes; I make most of my living thinking up clothing alternatives for people. However if you had asked me a decade ago (pre-fashionista credentials of coarse) if I am likely wear anything remotely close to wide legged pants. Well, I would have been likely to shoot a lethal look in your direction, followed by a riot act preceded with “who do you think I am” type of wording.

Salvatore Ferragamo -Winner

Poppy Evans declared the trouser shape’s shift, in her Summer Key pieces from the October 2010 issue of Elle SA and I remember that very month re-creating my answer of YSL’s Le Smoking with palazzo pants and a fitted blazer to go to GQ South Africa’s annual Best Dressed Men of the year awards. But what really contributed to my braving the ever so unusual points and stares and smirks was reading in Jackie Burger’s Editors note of Elle’s May 2011 (the big fashion issue) that her then inspiration was Dries Van Noten’s “masterful fusion” of fluid tailoring with languid layers. Since then, a week hardly goes by without me hunching on the versatility of freedom as expressed through non clinging gear.

Salvatore Ferragamo understands me.

My closest reference is a dear friend and equal fashion lover, blogger, columnist and noted commentator; Maque DeGorgeous (@DeGorgeous1) who rocks the trend harder than I could claim to have seen. The thing about Maque is that in his ever so topical dress sense he takes plenty consideration and comes out with a well versed outfit. Ever since I have taken an interest in the manner in which he styles his many wide legged numbers, I come close to leaping with an excitement of a toddler because not only does he keep reinventing the trend, his entire personality matches the garments.

As only DeGorgeous would....

Here’s to making sure my relationship with the wider leg grows bounds!!!


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