I’ll veil my beanie too, thank you!

Raf Simons I love you. Or should I rather say; take my heart, you Stephen Jones, you millinery genius you? Either way, I’ll raise a flute filled with bubbles for my new found fondness for a veiled beanie as seen at the Jil Sander’s Spring Summer 2012 runway.

Every season before fashion week, I drown into an unfathomable depression in dire need of an exciting “pick-me-up”. Usually a dose of fashion flicks would get me in the mood and paging through stacks of vintage fashion magazines would provide me with enough styling options. This season, prior the inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg (Twitter hashtag that thang!: #MBFWJ), I went to the only medium I knew would serve me instantly and right as my search engine nearly failed me due to my ridiculously quick demands, I saw her once again. Amidst the fashion house’s signature lean modernism collection as presented in Milan last year; a topper to carry on Sander’s art meets purity, meets elitism.

And I want it now!


One thought on “I’ll veil my beanie too, thank you!

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