Something Found. Something Quirky. Something Styilsh.

By now it is public knowledge that one of the very few things Anna Dello Russo and I don’t have in common is my absolute dear affair with vintage apparel. Serve that to me with my recent penchant for online shopping, I’m likely to gyrate to your every beat. When Funeka Ngwevela of broke news of her new trade venture via twitter (@QuirkyStylista), parts of me broke into repeatative folk-like dances.

Testament to decades between the 1920s and 1980s meets every requirement of a well guided style lover in search of threads that are cyclical, sometimes humorous whilst defiant of the brand names and the risk of overconsumption.

Long tale nipped; if it’s a chiffon blouse with textured accordion pleats you need; the Quirky Stylista is bound to have it and if your desires veer more towards a wider hem at the ankle, this becomes THE site to visit. The same goes for those keen to (quite literally) take a walk in shoes soled with no less than nostalgic elements!

For more info, contact: what’s even better is that Funeka also ships purchases all over the country! Have I mentioned that these pieces go for next to nothing? And going quite fast!


2 thoughts on “Something Found. Something Quirky. Something Styilsh.

  1. Those shoes ,those shoes ,those shoes ! My feet now refuse to wear any thing else , we want ,we want, we want ……………!

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