MBFWJ 2012 -the trends!

Gosh! I’m totally spoiled by my magazine backround so much that ever since the recent MBFWJ 2012 I have been snailing designing a trend forecasting manual -you know how we do in print. I’ve also just realized (via the awesomery that is Twitter) that the blogosphere is still buzzing with posts around the fashion event. So I have not completely lost momentum. There is so much to study and put one’s money on… well, so to speak.

Meet the designers who gave us trends that will surely have strong retail presence!

Loin Cloth and Ashes… THE COLLAR!

Ever since Anisa Mpungwe won the Elle New Talent in 2008, her brand; Loin Cloth and Ashes has leaped many lengths. Known for providing an alternative to the classic LBD. Her well received collection boasted a trend I know for sure WILL catch on and be rocked by many…

Alongside her signature luxe fabric fusion -created and named after her sister-come-muse Alma, she wowed all fashion folk with Afro-print collars, heavily bejeweled and styled as neck pieces on dresses and shirts. These are all kinds of fab I tell you! I deserve one… or three.


House of Monatic is undoubtedly on it… As far as setting styling trends is concerned. It is so difficult choosing one trend they are pioneering, because every single item from CSquared’s Winter 2011/12 collection.

Those who were not there missed out on the most amazing celebration of the brand’s 10 year anniversary, celebrating a full decade of style, elegance and attitude. In contrast to their all new “neutral blocking” set up Csquared’s interpretation of the Royal Russian family’s sense of style was met with jewel toned colors (jewel-bright teals, petrol blues, deep bottle greens, violets and vivid sapphires), luxe velvet bow-ties, beautifully detailed epaulets.

All these happy elements were also matched with some classic pieces like the iconic leather trimmed balzers (think elbow patches and high gloss lapels) and fluid pants. Accessories and footwear were my top favorite! I have my eyes set on the multi colored brogues, the stunning bright socks and of coarse those metal badges and leather hats too.



I am a huge follower of Dax Martin’s work. Firstly because he is smart enough to survive as a strict lingerie and swim-wear designer in this very young yet booming industry. He always manages to keep me on the edge of my front row seat waiting to witness the beauty that is his thought process coming into physical. The fact that he is a really nice bloke is just an added bonus.

His recent chocolatier collection, in association with Magnum chocolate ice cream is too good for words. Maybe because I am utterly obsessed with all things chocolate. Match that with beautiful use of luxurious fabrics, timeless designs and slap-your-mammma-kind-of-good styling, we have our selves a winner! From the first floor length all-white number, to the sexy silky caramel pieces all the way to the chocolate brown delicates, I was treated to a spectacle worthy of the standing ovation.

I say without a shadow of doubt that everyone with a desire to own beautifully crafted undergarments will be calling up Dax for items from this collection!!

there you have it folks. My idea of trends and designer labels to invest in this coming winter!

Photo credits. Simon Deiner of SDR photos via afisa.co.za


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