Fashion competitions are a great and fantastic initiative to involve the general public to partake in. It’s even better if such competitions aim at crowning a new star -be it a designer, fashion student or a brand ambassador. What’s even more fantastic is when the newly appointed star in question has a sartorial tale to rival the kind set yellow stained pages commencing with “once upon a very long time ago”.

Meet Mvelo Ncube, Csquared’s first #TOPSWAG Style Icon. A true gentleman I had an opportunity to meet and chat with about his past, present and prospects for the stylish future ahead.

GOING TO AN ALL BOYS SCHOOL, my fashion identity was a foolish idea I had never thought of entertaining. I spent my entire high school trying to blend in and the fact that all my clothes were bought by my mom (mostly large retail store brands), left very little room for self expression. I was really not a fan of the odd “civvies day”.

THE SECOND I CLAIMED INDEPENDENCE, I couldn’t wait to exercise my interests to the full. I invested in fitted clothing and started to collect tailored items much to my mom’s amazement, but she gradually came to understand that I was trying to communicate a different stage of my life. A more refined young man I was morphing into.

I FIGURE I AM AN EMOTIONAL SHOPPER because I shop according to my mood and for the longest time I gathered pieces that reflected a bit more than my words to express and somehow managed to convince myself that I would go through life wearing various textures of black and shades of grey.

I HAVE ALWAYS HAD A FEAR OF SORTS FOR COLOR. The first time I wore color in my adult life was as at the #TOPSWAG TOP five announcement in Cape Town earlier in the year. Even then I had quite a debate with Wayne Govender -CSQUARED’s newly appointed designer who managed to convince me that I can pull off the color-blocking trend.

I DISCOVERED THE COMPETITION BY DEFAULT REALLY. A friend had entered and asked for me to vote for him and I kind of dared myself to try it out too. The response was amazing and I really put effort into gathering votes via social media. Most of my energy went into this and I’m still on a high.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT BEING THE FIRST CSQUARED STYLE ICON. Winning over R30 000-00 worth of clothing and VIP access to social and corporate events is massive for anyone, the fact that I’ll be working closely with one of the most iconic fashion houses in the continent is even bigger. I’m still marveling over having access to Mark Gooding (House of Monatic’s head of designs), Wayne Govender and having Social Woo as my PR go-to guys for the whole year. It’s all very big.

THE OTHER TWO GUYS I WAS IN THE TOP THREE WITH Lucky and Omphile, have an awesome dress sense and are just as deserving to be winners. I admire their personal styles respectively and as much as I came out triumph, I understand the amount of work that went into being on that stage and walking the runway.

WALKING THAT RUNWAY for the first time in my life was both nerve-wrecking and fun. I had the time of my life with the guys backstage and would definitely do it again for CSQUARED.

I REALLY DO LOVE CSQUARED’s MOVEMENT and I have been following their brand ambassadors for a while now. Danny K has a great sense of personal style, AKA brings a lot of edge to it and Stoan is an amazing vessel to carry the clothing with so much class. Being associated with these guys is a way more than a dream come true.

I CAN’T WAIT TO START CLIAMING MY PRIZE. This winter I will be rocking the grey double breasted trench coat with all the embellishments. I love that I will be wearing less waist belts and more suspenders, velvet bow ties will substitute my skinny neck ties. My fluid pants will definitely be worn with those “happy socks” and bright brogues. I’m very open to be experimenting with various pieces from the collection including the plaid waist coat suits and the sequined items too.

I WILL BE DOING A LOT OF WORK IN THE INDUSTRY in the near future this opportunity is great and I’m not planning to take it lightly.

Lengthy blog post, I know but there is so much we covered in conversation if you are lucky enough to meet Mvelo, you will know just how amazing a dude he really is.

photo by SDR via afi.za.com and Social Woo media.



  1. Thank you soooooo much Mahlatse , really appreciate it , great read *official fan of the blog* 🙂 THANK YOU !!!!!

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