SAFW: Winning designs round-up!

Fashion week is where it all begins. Trends start right there. Thrilling because at the very end of marveling after designer shows and stunning after-parties (thank heavens people do dress up for these things), I am often left with not only grand memories and great hope that our state of fashion… sometimes, may I add.

Please do feast your eyes at designs by thread masters from the South African Fashion Week SS 12-13 I think these are just too rad.

Lisa Jaffe of Guillotine put together an instillation to present her collection to open SAFW. I dare call it an instillation because not only did her show not have models parading down a ramp -as in tradition. Instead Guillotine’s forth coming collection was hosted near her store at the creatives’ hub 44 Stanley against a backdrop of brown paper (old school study book cover style) with blue housewares stenciled to provide a homely feel. Ever so often, the models made movements and utilized the props to make for stunning images in one’s head. The range was received very well by fashion media because in classic Lisa Jaffe style, the clothes were luxe abeam and a spectacular layering of sheer fabrications with metalic notes and extremely mod shapes.

How can one forget the celeb frenzied Sheer Glamour collections by a collection of designers for hair giants Motions and TRESsemme? For me, Vesselina brought their game with very feminine designs in chiffon, soft shoulder bits and tired hemlines which got me imagining as what Frida Khalo would wear if she was alive today. Or maybe I’m just making my own interpretation. Still, it was all very very romantic.

Isabelle Lotter is a conscious designer. I say this in the most non corny of manners. One piece that had the blaggers and Tweetlings typing ferociously on their BlackBerry mobiles was certainly this silk dress with a cursive writings print. I can speak for a few and say that we all felt that Isabelle was sending a secret message to each and every one of us. Way after the fashion show we spoke in wonder and shared in jest what we decoded from the text. I dream about someday wearing a shirt made just like this dress.

Oh, I know just how you are hoping I would spit my own about the controversy around a piece from this collection. Well, I shall not. My opinion in this regard is reserved for dinner tables. However, how about this beaded fringing though? Gosh, I swear I though I had seen it all but damnit, I have not been so proud of fashion since… well since the last fringed garment I have seen was a period referenced number. I just love this very today interpretation draped on shoulders.

Rundle is a master at what he does -this is not up for debate. Over the years I have been one of the lucky few to see his shows and can claim that to a certain degree, he raised me through his conceptual designs. Clive’s most recent show tickled my fashionista fancy. Especially the black pair of wide leg pants and a tangerine top. The outfit just shot straight up my wish list and I will not rest until I see it in my walk-in.

I happen to think that young designers are the bomb-diggity. One such a designer is my rad friend Katherine Mortner who presented her capsule collection as part of the new talent collective. Of coarse I have known and admired Kat’s style for years but have not seen her collection since winning the Elle New Talent many years back. This range had really cool items. Sadly this pic does no justice to this shirt worm with floral shorts and a coat. Darn it, it is a thing of beauty and I’m making a promise to always stalk Kathrine for it.

I am a sucker for fashion with a cause. Craig Jacobs always ticks this box with his Fundudzi label. He always sends clear eco friendly messages through his stylish garments. This season I fell inlove with sensible fashion once again and loved the styling in his show. I met Craig right after his show and mercy, I gushed like a little twat over the skinny afro-fabric belts which we donned on shorts and dresses. A total must have!



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