The return of ‘mois’

Forgive me stylos for I have sinned. I know, I have – to a certain extent neglected this nest and for that I have no excuse. However, do allow me to mention that work and life has consumed a great part of me and instead of serving you rubbish blog post, I have much rather settled to go back to the drawing board and coordinate a structure to balance my love for this growing baby (MJANDSTUFF) and other spheres of my life.

Oh… in case you have not noticed, I took a plunge and ballsyly cut off the mane on my head. Yes. I did it much to endless commentary from friends and people I know. I am however, thus far in lust in the new cropped hair-do. Finally I can swim without having to worry about a cap or pre gelling serums for protection. I just love the feeling of having water running through my “German cut” every single morning and my hats… my gosh, I can finally rock all my hats without manipulating, teasing and crimping of hair. Just so you are all wondering, I might flirt with the idea to grow an afro once again.


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