Chanel No (Pitt) 05

News just in. ok news broke a few hours ago but how dare I not jump on it? As I am typing this, parts of me are going insane with fervour. All over the internet, bloggers and Brad-o-mites, we anticipate Chanel’s coming campaign starring my kerel… (Mine and Angelina Jollie’s).

We all know the iconic perfume, heck, I think my first spritz was from my late mother’s bottle way back. I have also heard that some people are whingeing about the uncertainty of the star’s relation with the scent. Questioning whether his allure can influence consumers (newer and older) to purchase the scent!? Uhm… what humanoid in their right mind can refuse anything represented by magnetism coming with lake-blue eyes and sand-blonde hair?

Personally –and I know most of you reading this will share in this sentiment- I think, as a successor of Charilze Theron, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman and Catherine DeNeuve, Brad Pitt is the perfect candidate.

In the 93 years of the perfume, this is first. Viva La Pitt!!

Now as I search for that copy of Fight Club to remember how Brad and I met, you guys wait for my updates on the campaighn shots XXO.


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