I would hate to believe that I am the only person who almost always feel like visual artists just want to communicate with me.  This is just what I call a gift to rival all the rest. I am currently fascinated by works of Frans Cronje, fittingly titled STORYTELLERS, presented by 16 Halifax Art.

Using a selection of mediums including oil pastels, acrylic and paper collage, Cronje produced a collection of portraiture where he aimed at capturing his models at that remarkable moment when they are about to break into a smile. When one’s features look a bit whimsical, friendly, emotional and serene.  We all know that such moments are usually preceded with a great anecdote. Thankfully, we will get to know these stories, printed out and sold along with the paintings.

I respect Frans for many reasons. Among many, the fact that he has elevated his craft from working many years as fashion designer and now traded negotiating hemlines to explore other avenues within the fine artistry sphere.

STORYTELLERS is now open for Joburg aficionados until the coming Thursday 24 May 2012 at the Centre Court of Hyde Park Corner.


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