Fashion By The Sea; Durban’s Up coming EXTRAVAGANZA!!

When you think about South Africa’s fashion capitals, Durban always undoubtedly reigns among the top. This year marks the second annual Fashion By The Sea festival presented by Lifestyle Oasis on the Moyo Ushaka Pier over two days and sees some of the finest local designer showcases.

This year’s creative extravaganza focuses on fusing fashion with music proving once again that Durban has a rich heritage. Over 14 designers will be displaying their collections in 6 shows between the 31st of May and the 1st of June 2012. There is a promise of newity with a collective of young designers opening the fest, followed by some major names and a homecoming show where Durban born creatives who have gone to flourish nationally and internationally will do their thing too. These fashion shows will be showcased on a 140m long runway… yes. 140m long! Attendees will also be treated to FASHION IN THE AQUARUIM instillations available to observe on the 1st of June between and during the shows.

The runway to rival all!

Show Run:

  • Day 1 – 31st      May 2012
    Show 1 – Young Designer Collective
    Show 2 – Naked Ape/ Leigh Schubert/ House of      Monatic
    Show 3 – David Tlale
  • Day 2 – 1st      June 2012
    Show 1- Colleen Eitsen / Zarth by Zama/ Life      by Andre Martin
    Show 2 – Home Coming Show: Craig Port/ Amanda      Laird Cherry/ Craig Native
    Show 3 – Gavin Rajah


Tickets for this year’s Fashion By The Sea are available at Computicket for R250.00pp per night (3 shows).

I am certainly looking forward to it!


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