Oh, be not alarmed I am NOT moving domains now or at any dawning time. I mean we (together with THE SIR, have moved house! I tell you this has been the most unnecessarily testing, tiring, stressing and most manually laborious task to date. TJO!!!

First things first, looking for a new place is a mess altogether. Scheduling viewings with estate agents who seem to be trained in tricking you to pay 10% more than what they have advertised on the net and building managers with superfluous tales about their previous lessees. I have heard it all and I am sick to the brim.

Secondly, trying to find a place within our price bracket is all kinds of hell and space, mercy, space is precious and the times we live in, people just want to crop you, yours and your bits in two feet and a dripping tap. Hear me snarling! Don’t get the me started on the rubbish task that is trying to find a suitable moving company sans the bullshit of getting the address totally wrong, never mind being on time and carrying one’s precious cargo with the greatest care.

Thirdly and somewhat lastly, the “joy” of decorating a new home DOES NOT exist. The thing is, we have collected furniture to suit our previous appartment and now we have to play with plasings, new colour tones, more furniture blah-blah-blah. No I am NOT keen on spending money on a fancy decorator… I have shoes and hats and belts and stuff to buy, besides, who has the time!

Looks like endless possibilities…? NOT

ANYWHOOO, we have moved and are now trying to make a home in the CBD of Johannesburg… yup, you read right, I have trekked to the downtown parts and let me tell you it is all that I (erm, we) have dreamt of a bit more. Can’t wait to soak up all the buzz and hopefully bring some of this jamming energy into this space here! Think about all the great fashion I will be finding in these parts.

See, I really am not a stranger!



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