Stylin’ up running shoes.

Could Uyanda Have been BANG! on the money?

This one, I have missed completely. Early in the last year, when Uyanda Mbuli fashioned her usually “lady-like” wears from her Diamond Face Couture with a ballsy sneakers styling from Cross Trainer, my fashion eye rattled from side to side with questioning amazement.  I mean, a neat dress with high-tops… have you ever?

Can’t fault that…

I remember, the very same year-2011, right before GQ South Africa’s Stylish Men of the year (where I too made the top 50), when Bee Diamondhead and I were discussing outfits for the main event. I was still at Marie Claire at the time and both of us had no idea what we were going to wear. On that fateful evening though among high-heeled gals –most of whom were +1s, my lover and I spotted Bee, confident as ever in an androgynous garb and on her feet a pair of NIKE trainers. My-Gosh-Slap-the-Swarovski-off-my-shoulders, I could not take my eyes off her. And damn-it, I should have snapped her kicks.

Fast-forward to a couple of months ago, at this year’s South African Fashion Week Spring/ Summer Fashion Week, I spotted yet another fab gal Chipo Mpondera from Styling Concepts wearing her fab blush toned Summer dress, an up-do and on her feet… yup; a pair of NIKE’s freshest running shoes. Was I dreaming again? Nope, she rocked the hell out of the trend.

A few days ago, the internet went abuzz with fashion’s love-to-hate sweetheart Kristen Steward snapped heading to the global premier of her newest movie -starring alongside Charlize Theron; Snow White and the Huntsman in London wearing with her Marchesa gown (which I WILL NOT discuss) with run-down kicks right before switching to a heeled level. Well, “K-Stew” has a penchant of sorts, for “messing up” her dressier frocks with “comfort shoes” like a pair of Converse classics and stuff.

Mercy, me.

…See what I mean?

I am left wondering though, could this trend –worn on the runway and by fashion’s cool kids and criminals alike be the next beeeeeg thing? Could we bee seeing the trend possibly trickling down and scooped by fashion’s Mandy’s? Well, next time you see me wearing suit pants with running shoes, dare not probe my state of mind, I would be embracing a killer trend.



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