Stiaan done did it again with ATLETIEK!!

Mercy, mercy me. I have a huge problem trying to fathom the possibility of wrongity (yes. I totally suffixed it) in the creative virtuosity of Stiaan Louw. His latest campaign, Titled ATLETIEK is all kinds of awesome. Balancing relevance, smart team effort, clear storytelling and of course the designer’s faultless usage of fabrics.

Fashion folks, fans, customers and followers of “The Louw” (as I always prefer to referrer to him, when in conversation about my affair with his creations), will help attest when I assert that since word of a new campaign touched ground, we have spent most of our times pleading, praying and threatening to bribe anyone in the know.  “The Louw” also came on board and released treats and hints –fabric bits, behind the scene shots etc – of teasers building up to the full series starring Thane Williams from Mens Division Modeling Agency Cape Town.

My needy, nagging, never fed-enough fashion thirst comes appeased each time I see any of these shots. I appreciate a designer with Stiaan Louw’s capability to understand that sometimes, one needs to consider the inescapable debate with self, about creative drive versus quality of a product and or brand. What I mean is that after his previous line, early last year, he didn’t try to squeeze life out of the hype. He allowed the brand to grow on the bar he has set and let the line have a strong stance across the world… Yes. Across the world I said.  And for his “return”, he hits us with collaboration with Missibaba on a collection that to rival many a topical kind. Very athletic -think London 2012 Olympics. Very appropriate –think fashion’s current “yield of the strong man” craze.  How insanely rad are those platform thong flops!?

ATLETIEK was directed and photographed by; Cape Town based lens-genius, Neil Roberts. The creative hub that is One League also did their usual mastery with Michael Cooper assuming an Art Director/ Stylist role and Henry Maritz doing hair and make-up.


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