Testing, Testing 1,2… Man Leggings!

Fashion is sometimes a silent dictator. I know this because many a time, I have come close to deeming some trends as somewhat profane and should never see a light of day in the streets. One such a trend has to be the lauded “meggings”! Yeah, I said it. For a ballsy fashionista like myself, I just couldn’t reel in logic when it comes to what goes where and how the whole styling would work off the runway. No price for guessing that fashion spoke again and this time, unlike the coarse-haired teenager approach, I became open to test meggings in the streets of Jozi!

You see, there are two ways to rock meggings; one can layer them below Bermuda style shorts –as seen on most runway shows –like Emporio Armani SS’11. The other approach is rather tricky and requires killer legs because it exhibits one’s firm bits from thigh down. As a non-conventional human; yours truly opted for the latter form of styling. I went with a layered top part, textured knits in stone tones, a blazer and ankle length booties, trying to channel a hose wearing gentleman from the 1580’s.

Let there be leg!

I don’t know how to speak about the exquisite megging comfort without sounding like a converter of sorts. Truth be told, they are cute at the cost a few stares and not very functional to hit the dance floor in. one must not dare try to “drop it low” in these babies. Will I be investing in more? Uhmmm, why the hell not?


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