Something Super About Ella!

I love-love-love Ella Buter for many reasons. First, because she is such an awesome human, secondly; I believe in her creative vision and of course her shop –which I have bizarre fantasies about someday, moving in. On my endless pursue to invest in local fashion brands I happen to hang out at the intersection between Rustenburg Road, 9th street and 7th avenue in Melville all the time and this is a verbal collage from some our raddest chats.

BFFism right here!

MJ: Tell me about the young Ella Butter.

ELLA: I was certainly the odd one out. I’ve never compromised myself. I didn’t particularly hang-out with the cool kids. In fact, I think I found them a bit boring. I went out with them once or twice and found myself stuck in conversations about nothing, so the nerds where more exciting for me.  I grew up with three other siblings, my older sister is psychiatrist, my brother is in the building/ construction industry our youngest sister is a window dresser. We all knew our strengths from a young age

MJ: What makes Super Ella such a success?

ELLA: Unique designs. –You have to be unique, you can’t copy. I strongly believe in merging ideas with great fabrics for good quality garments. Thus my signature is very easy to define; simple patterns and multi-functionality… all very easy to dress-up and dress down.

MJ: How do you describe your topical showmanship formula?

ELLA: I don’t compromise on the ways I exhibit my designs. Sometimes onlookers don’t get my ideas as I showcase them but I am a strong believer in putting on a good show that will forever be remembered and even if sometimes the presentation is received as a little OTT. My clients respect this about my brand because at the crux of it all, my clothes are very easy to tone down.

MJ: is it possible for you to define your client as a “certain type”?

ELLA: I always have such difficulty trying to box a certain prototype as my kind of client, because I serve all kinds of people from 20 years of age all the way to 70 year old ladies across all sizes. Essentially, somebody comfortable enough to can carry the stuff I make.

MJ: Where do you draw inspiration from?

ELLA: I invest a lot of time in looking and studying my surroundings so as to relate proportions with fabrics. My own backround also plays a huge role. Being raised by a Dutch father and an Afrikaans mother, my DNA fuels my creativity. Growing conservatively made want to grow up and create. For this I am grateful.

 MJ: Tell me about the next summer’s collection.

ELLA: The overall inspiration is sourced from issues more about women and domestications. Today, fewer women are able to do “ordinary” domestic goddess duties like baking cake from scratch. This collection is concentrated on creating garments for women in 2050 inspired by those who lived in 1950 and the surrealism of the bridge in between.  I collect books on such women and I found myself stunned at their capabilities.

Domestic Goddess on the job!

I built my colour scheme on contrasting paintings I had seen in an old Elle Decoration magazine. I wanted to incorporate and make use of the scallop (or half circle) and the oddness of the shape’s position in fashion. In “normal circumstances” the colours I chose would probably not work together.  The best part is that these dresses can be worn both back to front and vice versa, both sides providing a totally different look

MJ: What should we expect in the next coming seasons from Super Ella?

ELLA: I don’t know for sure but I will find something as long the human body remains the same. If our heads have to come above the torso and we still have two arms and legs stretching from the pelvis downwards. I know something exciting will come up. XXO



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