The cuteness that is Hush Puppies’s Summer 2012 Campaign though!!!

I love winter with all its awesome opportunities to play dress up ever so often but demmet, Hush Puppies’ new Spring Summer campaign has me all fuzzed and anticipating warmer seasons. Starring the brand’s gush worthy star Basset Hound alongside next season’s line of what I shall here-fore deem cutezies!


Think about the kinds of shoes with an unexplainable ability to just make one happy! –ok most shoes can do that but the 54 year old label has taken it many notches higher without trying too hard. Think multi-tonal brogues, oasis coloured veld skoene-esque kicks made from worry free suede and of course plenty prints, light texture blends with an uncompromised quality. All so gush-worthy, I won’t be able to stop Flapping my Katty Perry “Oh My!” lashes.

I think I’m just going to chew on a corn ball and allow these rad images to communicate the pretty picture I’m trying to transmit here. I sure as hell nowhere near stopping going crazy of these!

How Crazy cute?

Can’t fault the dreamy backdrop!



3 thoughts on “The cuteness that is Hush Puppies’s Summer 2012 Campaign though!!!

  1. wow, one forgets that trends can revive old brands huh? “hipsters” have Hush Puppies in for a bumper sales season this year, what they’ve been doing for like ever is soo on trend right now.

  2. I have a mental block to the word ‘cute’ but I also can not help myself but gush over how super cute these are!!!

    I agree mose def the brand is back with a bang!

    Totally in love, I simply can not wait for Hemmingway Design for Hush Puppies Collection!

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