The Return of Relic Golds.

Dripping gold swag!

‘My name is Mahlatse James (the Third) and I am a relic hunter’ –this is how I plan to introduce myself to the next person I catch staring at my all gold jewels collection. Before your imaginations run wild, may I first clear the air? I have no intention of trotting tombs, in search of dead royalties’ trinkets. Have you even seen what those people wear? *rattles head* I am merely just stating my fascination with gold… all kinds of gold.

One might argue that gold has never really been out of style and I would agree, because much like most bits reported to be ‘in’ fashion, nothing ever really disappears into a never-to-visit oblivion. The way I see it, our relationship with the dear metal or various shades of its colour, has always fluctuated around the sartorial hierarchy. For instance; when industry forerunners lauded Scott Wilson’s shallow cone gold neck piece, an avid reader of glossy magazines understood the clarification of the trend and as well guided, found a piece to suit his/her budget. Pioneers then moved on to find something new to hype about until they fall back in love with gold returning to the runways in a different form.

Whether you subscribe to Nicole Richie’s philosophy of “more is more”, or Coco Chanel’s defying quotes, wearing up-cycled gold or brass-finished items is easily achievable.  Like pinning a character badge on this season’s androgynous round neck jumper, or draping a few strands with statement pendants on the smart layered fluid winter wardrobe. For a bold take, I see no wrong in stacking up multiple bangles whilst carrying the currently hot metallic finished purse from Missibaba’s Golden Scarab collection.

My Golden Scarab Dreams…

only the shiny come abreast.

My one-stop source for goldmania as mostly seen in these images happens to be on Melville’s 7th Street. My Sister’s Closet Boutique and Nice Finds house the most awesome gold stuff. Contact them on (for MSC) or (for amazing pieces from Nice Find). Conveniently, do pop into the boutiques both on cnr 7th street and 1st Avenue in Joburg’s Melville.


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