Yes and I will certainly repeat it again. I DREAM ABOUT DENIM SHIRTS and I have for while now –over four seasons to be exact. I know their retail availability is a tad on the edge of crossing into the fashion-must-not-dare-look-at fragment, but you see, I have a giant fear of cases of erroneously adopting a “twin” merely because both our top buttons fail to stay clasped (if you catch my maze of a drift). I do however; feel that I might have found the perfect one, housed at Superdry.

Superdry’s current rad-rad campaign

I met my love last Thursday when the label launched their second concept store in JOHO’s fresh Nicolway Centre. Looking ever so fine (I mean FINE!) worn by a dude behind the bar, the shirt ticked all the boxes; perfectly fitted yet not annoyingly tight and so rugged yet so very new. I swear the poor bloke must have felt uncomfortable with my extreme stares shot between his shoulder blades and a seemingly uncontrollable index finger pointing out details to whoever crossed affront my affair.

Trust, you do not want to know about my mini shuffle dance routine when I saw the shirt in the store’s striking interior of a modern architecture which includes wooden panelling and original 1930s barber chairs alongside the brand’s range of premium footwear, luggage, accessories and fragrances.

Where its at!!!

Now I can safely say that right after my purchase of this dreamy number, I can start collecting a few more (because one can never have too many denim shirts) from various brands and retailers.

See you at Nicolway!!




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