I am a huge follower of Clive Rundle. I love everything the man touches. Rewind to 7 years back, I was a moon-eyed twink learning the ropes around the fashion industry and my only ecstasy was (and still is) Rundle’s indefinable deconstruction approach to traditional fashion and to date, I look to the maestro every time my orientation button comes feeble. Fast-forward today and you will know just what I am talking about if you have been to his store (Shop 12, the Firs, Rosebank) or lucky enough to have attended one of his shows and/ or instillations.

South African Fashion Week SS12

Since the very beginning of winter Clive Rundle launched a range of reworked imported cashmere and the appointment of Annabelle Desfontaines as the shop’s retail consultant. The best of all parts is that the range is really and truly ready-to-wear. Do get up if you fainted because the concept of prêt-a- porter sounds odd when mentioned alongside Clive Rundle. I have seen the range and I still am amazed at the incredibly reasonable prices –for a local designer, heavenly quality –yeah, it’s that good and non compromised Rundle promise of creating and treating each piece as the most special. The way I decode this, is that Clive, in the only fashion he knows how, once again nears a new larger orb of a market -which grows the brand enormously.

Must Love Clive!

Getting to chat to them both (Clive and Annabelle), I have learned a great deal about dear friendships and intersecting creativity and practicality whilst fashioning hard –they have been at it for like, ever. Clive even designed Annabelle’s wedding dress. The only exceptional occurrence, Mr Rundle never crafts works for nuptial occasions.

A match made at Wizards!

Do the right thing and hook up some of the awesomest, reworked imported cashmere hand printed, cropped and long, lined with velvet, lined with silk, some ruffles and some pieces with surprising elements. Even better, each piece is unique! Classic Rundle!

Runway MUST SEE…


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