All dark and made up!

After careful consideration and having come face-to-face with reality, I have decided to add VANITY as part of this blog’s content. So, ever so often; you will be reading a bit more about my grooming procedures, choices and go-to products.

If you have met me in person you probably noticed that my eyes are often clumped with “guy liner, “man-scara” and… erm, well I can’t really butch eye shadow, but you catch my drift! Don’t even get me started with nail vanish, I just don’t believe in the chewed to death appearance rocked by many. This is my chosen identity and for as long as my name is Mahlatse James –the 3rd, I shall rock the hell out of it –almost like the “Glambert” only very me. I am proud to share that next time you do meet me; I will have adopted my newest finds from INGLOT.

Bless the good heart of Mr. Wojtek Inglot for creating a wide range of high quality products. I am particularly crazy about the INGLOT’s unique Freedom System which allows customer to pick and test products which works for them in-store.

My fave items are of course dark elements with subtle gloss finishes and a stay-till-you-pass-out promise. Hence from the nail enamel chart, I picked one midnight blue (710) and burgundy (706) vanish –because black nail polish is so 2008. From the infinite selection of Soft Precision Eyeliners, I went with champagne (34) and a pure white (31) Crayons -I’m trying to get that wide eye effect to go with the AMC Gel Eyeliner (75). Finally; my bagged bit is the four- tile smokey shadow palette from the Freedom System range.

My goodies…

That’s about all the amount of product I can wear and being an individualist (the sensible kind). INGLOT is definitely my point of difference!


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