Sweet Sweet Spring Stylings

Fashion cares for me. I know this for sure because the dawning heated seasons promise to substitute my ardently sweet tooth for super sweet fashion and who am I to dare say no to such an offer? Lost? Allow me; the coming spring is all about newity in the most saccharine sense of the word. Thankfully, the grand gods of style have ordered seeing very little of the cheesy florals ahead and plenty confection.

Yes. Fashion and confectionery are working together, the result of which is a toned down approach to the past two seasons’ neon frenzy. A softer range of pastel palettes are juxtaposed with some fine tailoring as seen at Leigh Schubert’s runway show at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.  Heck! Some of the models in her show even walked the runway performing multiple licks to coned scoops of sorbets.

…Top by from Mr Price and the Runway image from Leigh Schubert’s show.

Much like the unnaturalness of deserts, these coming pastels are set on redefining all forms of traditional advances. Almost dreamy, yet swivelling into one ultramodern direction. For example; the aqua, stretching skinny pants form Woolworths with their forward slanted zip-up side pockets and the three toned linen brogues from Mr Price are certainly not interested in nostalgia.

Mr Price’s super rad linen brogues and aqua pants from Woolworths.

All is always fair in the world of threads and style –contrary to popular belief, hence I always insist that if the trend is new, for the love of PREEN (must love their take on pastels) please always look to magazines  for advisory notes. True Love’s Fashion Editor, Palesa Mahlaba took the frontal cause by styling TV star Connie Ferguson in a strapless mellow yellow gown from PALULU on the cover of the mag’s August issue.

so sweet and fab!!

Weather you choose bubblegum frosted cupcakes over a sorbet or opt for fuzzy cotton candy over too good to eat macaroons, you are doing the right thing and I shall advice that your fashion and style choices should be steered alongside similar flavours too.


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