Dress according to theme dammet!!

There is nothing quite like themed parties. I love them with all my thread-talking-valour, so much that I insolently look down on people who choose to miss the usually evident part of an invitation. Correct if I am wrong (NO, DON’T), but if a host has an idea for how they want to celebrate, it is up to attendees to adhere accordingly.

My current excitement spins around where I will be getting my party on this coming weekend.  Socialites, Thato Fabio and Ngcebo Ndima will be hosting a Night of the Divas soiree which promises to no less than optimum elegance and absolute entertainment… the theme: MONOCHROMATIC!! Defiant of the blooming spring brights this should be chic in all forms.

Do it the Libertine way…

The trend is sounds easy when fashion people speak about it but it can sometimes be completely mistaken for something resembling a giant blot of fabric discard. Talk about an even trickier situation when trying to pull it off for a Spring Day party. The trick is choosing items of clothing from one family palette and play with either texture or a contrasting shape altogether. When going for print, I would advice that one plays the furthest from abstract artworks. They can be unforgiving.

oh, but the shoes!

Some few examples of monochrome to beg borrow and steal if you must. For the love of God, DO NOT forget the darn theme!!!

Do it right or else…


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