“When you think of MJ (cest mois) you first look for a ‘STATEMENT’ something”.  This opinion echoes so much truth expressed my dearest friend Louise Darko of My Sister’s Closet. I can’t possibly disagree because I always gravitate towards the most topical of accessories and my latest mania is everything Pichulik.

Stuff my dreams are made of!

I first caught sight of the Katherine-Mary Pichulik’s accessories from a front row view at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2012, showcased alongside Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heuseerin’s fab Lalesso label. The fashion brand (Lalesso), takes pride in showcasing their signature incessant African summer inspired collections with a notable global appeal fused with East African references. Naturally, they teamed with Pichulik for their Spring/ Summer 2012-13 line. My fingers went into high-speed android-like mode as I fiercely Tweeted about my mad crush on every single piece in that show.  I certainly don’t have a warrior woman in me but honey, the soulfully bold, bright and oh so crafty jewels made want to marathon backstage and negotiate ownership with the creators.

The finale that broke my heart. I didn’t want it to end!

Next time you imagine MJ, please picture me festooned with multi-sized Pichulik bangles as I bluntly stare into space and continue to fantasise about a killer neckpiece.

images by SDR Photos


4 thoughts on “MUST HAVE PICHULIK!

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