POLICE 2012 -Shaddy McOfficer

Something about the legendary POLICE eyewear reminds me of Victor Willis performing original lead in The Village People’s YMCA –damn-it, he should have worn a pair of aviators to complete THE LOOK.  Perhaps it is Angelina Jolie as Mrs Smith I’m thinking of because I love everything hero-girl-esque? Or could it be that fine David Beckham in those I-might-have-a-gun-hidden-somewhere-between-my-eyes ads? Whatever the nostalgic citation, POLICE is still the bizniz!

Tis the season for stunners (on the real, Have you been outside?), so POLICE is bringing it hard with a contemporary vintage looking line and it’s all about the metal detailing to go with the brand’s iconic symbolisms. If you know anything about the ‘80s –or the pavement era as I prefer to refer it, you’ll understand that tales of freedom and a successful underground styles reigned fore. The key items include square and drop shapes, double profile and bicolour, top bar and double rims. Lost? Stick with me…

Jump to today and come to the realisation that going through life with one type of face is just lazy. For the love of me, there are new hair and make-up techniques obtainable to scalp your features into anything you bloody want to serve the world’s naked eyes. Here is how to adopt the latest line to fit your facade of choice.

An “oblong” shaped face? Go for large, oversized frames with decorative sides. This adds width and creates a balanced face. The thick white frame and contrasting side bars in earthy tones brings a horizontal focus to the face.

An angular square face? The star of this year’s collection is the double profile frame with blue mirrored lens and metallic finishing and it is a perfect pair with its slightly curved edges. The wider top bar draws attention from a strong jaw line and provides a softer facial frame.

A fuller round face? The trick in this regard is to appear a bit balanced with curvatures and somewhat gaunt features. Linear and flat shapes of the square frame emphasize the wide front piece which draws attention from the cheeks.

A heart-like face? A common challenge with a heart shaped face is working the chin into a proportionate frame and avoiding a squashed face effect. It then becomes normal to go for lenses which appear wider at the bottom and I agree. However, the superimposed heavy top bar with its tone on tone contrast can carry light off cheeks and give an even effect to the chin.

Oval shaped face? This is the most versatile shape and can rock any pair depending on a desired look.  The only important constituents to consider are color and fit. Beware of overly embellished frames and multi tonal lenses. That is just silly.

Now that you know your face, there really is no excuse to dodge shady days ahead…



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