London Fashion Week Spring 2013 -All about the streets!!

I know you’re probably thinking “but you just did New York”. Well London Fashion Week Spring 2013 has just come to an end (one of the shortest yet serving in fashion week land) and because I’m one lucky bloke, my friend and awesome photographer, Eunice Driver of was in the land of the Queen to snap-a-load. My face is still many shades of green. Here we catch up on what went up in the streets of London darhling!

MJ: What expectations did you have when heading to London for the season?

ED: I expected a lot creatively mixed items in the streets. People dress differently, I saw that and then some.

MJ: Who dressed up the fiercest? If you where to build an hierarchy of sorts?

ED: Bloggers and budding fashion design enthusiasts brought it a bit harder when compared to heralded fashion royalty.

MJ: So the streets were more on it? When compared to the runway?

ED: Both levels were really good. Linked in a unique way.

You know how I feel about boys in meggings!!!

MJ: Have you identified any unique trends from the streets?

ED: Yes. Layering prints and items that wouldn’t normally work together. It’s more gutsy and very appealing to the eye… and lens.

MJ: How would you sum up the whole street style mood London Fashion Week?

ED: The streets were abuzz with a psychedelic take on everything. Everything was mixed and remixed. Prints reigned and odd patterns were given a new lease.

I personally love snaps with a pavement backdrop almost as much as the next carefully created editorial and I noted in the April Issue of Elle Magazine South Africa: “the streets are a definite leeway to where trends need to go”.

You see, Eunice takes stunning pictures. I mean really gasp-with-your-one-hand-on-your-chest kinda stunning. I love that her approach to runway shots (as you will see on her website) is non traditional yet she covers the most important elements of a fashion image. Experimenting with angles, the result of which is always super exciting!

Check out more rad photophraphy on my gurl’s website


3 thoughts on “London Fashion Week Spring 2013 -All about the streets!!

  1. fresh! I love the elements at play but my favourite look is certainly the lady mixing navy tweed and black leather with the “dream” belt! love that look!

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