Greying it up with Supremebeing.

A clothing brand whose ethos never dictate cultural “must dos” and instead offer a wide selection of key items able to transcend any preferred style to express one’s personality, is a brand after this heart of mine. The premium street-gear label stands for equality in the most exciting of manners. Looking at the image above, I know a few people who would squint and erect brows to learn that these are my absolute favourite items from Supremebeing’s current Spring-Summer range. Well, I love these pieces for various reasons; First: NOTHING comes between me and my relaxed “sweats” when I’m getting down to business. Secondly: I love that grey is having an unusual rad moment in the heart of heated seasons. The harmonious colour tone signifies the way I decode Supremebeing’s relationship with graphic design, streetwear and (dare I deem) comic art.

Supremebeing has recently opened their first store in the Mall of Rosebank, here in Johannesburg. Do the right thing and hook up the most awesome street-gear clothing to hit South Africa in a long time.


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