Proudly Fashioning too!

This past Saturday I had an awesome pleasure to attend the annual Joburg Gay Pride for the first time in my life. Yes. My first time. Not that I am obliged to share any sort of excuse, I will  however let you know that the reason I’ve never attended is due always finding myself wrapped in a project I really couldn’t pardon. The thing is, I’ve always known that events at and around the march are a really big deal in the gay community and in addition to all merriments; strong messages aim to be communicated. The theme for 2012 Johannesburg Gay Pride March was Protect Our Rights. A loud and proud mantra dedicated to supporting the Constitution because the very charter has allowed for our country to rank among the most progressive worldwide by exercising equal rights. Well, as I go through life looking at (and for) seriously fashioned people, #JHBPride was no different. The gays brought it!!!

Oh, yes. Going to Pride for the first time I really didn’t fancy donning a high fashion garb –that would have been a tad too forward, neither did I want to aim for a careless outfit which I would have “thrown together”. I dialled up circa 70s and came out with a red and white retro outfit reminiscent of fashion intersecting with sports –complete with a headband and shoulder pads. POW!!!

All hail the shortest shorts known to mankind.  It really was a shorts affair (on the fashion front) above any. Legs stemmed most denim shorts, cotton blends some printed the rest necessarily muted.

Some attendees –I assume are regulars, brought with them their topical fashions and the few I snapped here served a really good hand. From printed tops, to wide-leg pants, to meggins, to low crotch pants and some seriously chic accessories. These lot did not take risks, they owned the heck out of it.

Large as the gay community might be, one can’t deny that royalty belongs to the newest breed of gender f**ks. It takes plenty guts to step out of your house wearing the most unexpected of garbs. These boys were all over it like their (tiny) hemlines depended on it!

As you would guess, a great event has great after-parties and this is a chance to reel in the sassiest attitude and express just how well you can fashion it out! Yes. I took it to the 90s this time around.


3 thoughts on “Proudly Fashioning too!

  1. gosh u are my new favourite person! and wooow and this pic-‘on that gender-bender tip’ are those heels Giuseppe Zanotti?

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