#SAFW Winter 2013 –ABOUT A BOY!

Lawd have mercy, since the wrap of the recent South African Fashion Week Winter 2013 shows, I have been spreading the gospel about the secure future of menswear in this country. Never have I attended a fashion presentation abuzz with such grand sanguinity and honey, I took it to Twitter, facebook, garbled about it in between shows and told tales at every dinner party since. Now it’s your turn to know about it too. Dear tasteful ladies and equally chic gentlemen, I present to thee, how I received Menswear trends for the net winter.

The way I see it, Zano Sithetho set the tone when his brand SKORZCH won SA Fashiom Week’s New Talent Search with Renault. It is very rare for a menswear label to win these coveted young designer searches. His collection represented all things young-at-heart, spirited and very elegant, which make up the direction very necessary for the current man of style. I love how his exquisite tailoring was met with great styling. That blue cowl neck pull-over… MINE!

Still showcased as part of the SA Fashion Week’s New Talent Search, Cindy-Leigh Armstrong’s EB+AM label caught my eye with a beautiful usage of tonal layering basing everything on my favourite tint of the moment: GREY. Her collection was an intersection between earthy and futuristic sans the usual cheesiness. I die for the almost-down-to-the-navel draped t-shirt and that sexy oversized mullet shirt.

House of Olѐ did to my heart what only my dreams express so very well. The very timeless gentleman is once again assured his spot in sartorial reference. I mean, how insanely handsome are these wide-leg pants with a nipped waist? How could any living man not appreciate how Olѐ assures a waistband right on the waistline?

Often comes a designer label with such great hype that even people who do not seem to care too much about the ongoing within the fashion industry, know about. Such is the case with Palse Homme showcasing for the third time on the SA Fashion Week runway, the well attended show demonstrated just how to introduce the plaids into the next winter wardrobe. Dusted berry tones are all the way.

Andrew Clarke’s newest Mzantsi label set out to reveal exactly what he promised. A sexy celebration of urban youth culture and urban street fashion. Mzantsi is what happens when one brilliant creative sensibly thinks about the future. Sculptural, fitted, monochromatic and a great breath of fresh air. I just love it when a designer takes it to the edge and able to serve all kinds of menfolk.

Shaldon Kopman brings it hard every season. For a man who has worked in different spheres of the industry, it only makes sense that he has come full circle and taking the baton to lead the local menswear. Naked Ape takes pride in producing brilliant multifunctional collections and the next winter shall be all about usage of strong fabrics and zippers as the ultimate detail. Man, oh man!

Andrѐ Martin’s return to the runway was the one we (fashion people) were looking forward to, the most. Not only was this come back supposed to reassure us that one of the labels which played a supreme role in local fashion industry’s stance, we anticipated growth. His winter 2013 range was all that and then some. He just went and stamped in the necessity of sports-luxe. Welcome back oh dear Andrѐ.

A few designers have the gift of always keeping it exciting. Roman Handt’s designs are seem to always stay true to escalating the evolution of the modern man and the role he plays in contemporary sexuality. I admire how one season he could slap the reality out of anything resembling the norm and the next he serves us masterful deconstruction.  Roman Handt’s winter 2013 is all about breathing novelty into a black basis and injecting the very on-trend neon green elements to appeal to both the wearer and the naked eye.

To round-up modish manisms (yes. I have just made that one up. I don’t really know why, but I did) Ephraim Molingoane stunned onlookers by showing us just how he has managed to keep his brand alive and relevant season in and season out. Ephymol left me in admiration with a stunningly constructed line of items I want so very much for next winter. Words fail me when I brag about this label because each garment boasted rich texture and shapes that assured me of a secure future.

Darn it! I love being a man with options for the next season. Dearest menfolk, a spectacular winter awaits us!

*all show images curtesy of SDR Photos.


9 thoughts on “#SAFW Winter 2013 –ABOUT A BOY!

  1. im so sorry if i sound like a freak, i dont mean to scare you, but i feel like my dream is just a few steps from coming true!

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