Birthday Giveaway: Plum FLATFORMS for you!!

It feels like a couple of weeks ago when I had managed to convince myself that I’ll pass on the blogging “fad”. Well this time last year I was working at Marie Claire South Africa’s Joburg office and blogging on the magazine’s website as one of my major duties. From flirting with the blogosphere on the daily and ample convincing by the then Assistant Editor Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine that I needed to establish online presence, MJ AND STUFF was born. Over 14,000 readers later, I thank you for having taken time out everyday… erm, well, some days -to read through my musings and mumbles from my framed views.

I would like to gift one lucky reader a pair of my current obsession in women’s footwear this spring/ summer; the desirable Wandie FLATFORM from Plum Shoes latest colour trip range. Declared the “must have” shoe for this season in Marie Claire SA’s October issue, this shoe is what you get when searching for the comfort of a ballet flat and a towering height of platforms. Plum is known is known for their edgy shoes and Wandie is the bizniz with patent double ankle straps and a contrasting nude foot strap above the colossal wooden flat.

The awesome gals at Styling Concepts helped me hook up a pair FLATFORM from Plum and I am extending the hook to you if you tell me why you read this blog and what you’d love to see or read. Please send through your comments (with shoe sizes) and I’ll get to pick the raddest to win. Competition wraps as the month dusks.



31 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway: Plum FLATFORMS for you!!

  1. Heard about this blog from Plum:) Love it, very informative<3 Thank u! I need the height without the 'killer heels' so the Flatform is perfect:)

  2. Absolutely in love with Flatforms this season as well…cant wait to get a pair….its different and funky and I know its going to hit big!!! Size 6 <3<3<3

  3. OMW I am a walking plum advertisement! I just love your shoes! I have so many pairs already! One more wouldn’t hurt:). Ultra trendy fabulous “wow look at those shoes”! I love to shock with something new & unusual. That’s why this blog is so terrific-keeping up with what’s new and what’s hot! And of course getting to know other Plum fans! Size 7 thx 😉

  4. Firstly I am a hobbyist,a shoe fanatic,a shoe addict..I just love shoes.This blog keeps me up to date with the hip and happening shoe fashion trends not just locally but also internationally.With the updates and tips in mind I can totally go crazy in a fashionable way with a touch of pizzazz and glamour.I don’t think you can better your blog as you are doing a perfectly amazing job at it already.

  5. An awesome tongue-in-cheek blog, great stuff! Plum shoes are definitely edgy and a “must have” for me just as your blog is definitely a “must read” too!! Would love to read some more articles on models and perhaps include some hilarious celebrity fashion faux pas. (Size 5)

  6. hi, i read of your blog from plum delicious and i just wanted to win the competition and thats what brought me here. but now that i am here, i feel so grateful to be following u because i am an upcoming fashion designer and this is just what i need! i do everything i can to keep up with whats going on in the fashion world. yes i want to win, who doesnt? but m just happy, this is a huge bonus for me! im a shoe-aholic, and i think the flatform is the coolest fashion trend right now. from you, personally id like to get guidance. i think i have what it takes to mae it big, but i know i need people who have been in the fashion industry and know their way around it. im currently studying at the universuty of pretoria and cant get everything i need to be in the know. so for me, reading your blog is the best thing thats ever happened since sliced bread. win or not, can you please be my mentor? please i beg you! invite me for a fashion show one time lol!

    ohh, almost forgot my shoe size, 4 🙂

  7. I am inlove with Flatforms this season as well…cannot wait to get a pair…its different and funky and I know is just going to hit it big!!!! Size 6 <3<3<3

  8. I just love this blog, coz its hip and happening and has awesome updates on fashion.

    I wear a size 4 shoe. Really hope I win.

  9. Woow amazing..these are jewellery to the feet
    When I looked at these shoes I thought its impossible
    To. Walk in them however I guarentee let alone wAlk
    You cn run in these babys honest
    I borrowed a pAir from my sister super super
    I am a size 5

  10. Hi MJ! Before entering this I thought long and hard about whether I’d be able to do these beauties justice. After a debate with a very wise, fashion forward friend all I can say is I absolutely love to win them! I’m a five if you feel like spreading some shoe envy my way. xxx

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