Evocative sweet Candy Jaq & Bel!!

By now, Sabrina Balanco and Eliza Ioannou’s gorgeous Jaq&Bel line should be a household local designer brand. I say this because, I know the girls a little well and their label always puts a stable smirk on my face.


I first met the girls earlier in the year when I was doing a designer profile piece for VOILA! Magazine and we hit it off immediately. We got reunited again a few months ago when I assumed the position of Publicity Accounts Manager at Egality where their fabulous Spring Summer Line is currently available exclusively.  A truly dynamic duo I say!


Excerpt from a release about their Spring Summer range. “According to the designers, the latest collection is primarily inspired by all things sweet and listening The Jackson 5’s song “Candy Girl” which subsequently became the name of this range. “The youthful feel in the collection aims to echo sincere innocence of summer fun.”

We have incorporated geometric panelling which ties in very well with our signature clean lines and this merged with our chosen 1950’s silhouettes resulted in surprise elements like peeping open backs.”

The collection that will be available to customers is offered in a selection of pale pastel colours, which are on-trend with international runways. “


I am beaming with pride as it is!!

PICS by Roxanne Lindenberg


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