Ever so often one deserves a reminder as to why they do what they do. For me, it came last week when fellow fashion child Jerri Mokgofe forwarded to me an invitation to the official opening of Affliction Clothing’s second store in South Africa. Here is what went down!

11:15. link up with fellow fashion media people at Affliction store is Sandton City where I’ll admit, I had to familiarise myself with the brand’s ethos.

11:30. we all got chauffeured to Menlyn in a convoy of Dodge automobiles.

12:00. Arrive at the new properly placed store. To be met by Daniel Calbacho of Red Marketing. Once again, I was stunned by the major attention to details and the optimum quality of the garments.

It’s all in the details!!

12:35. in walks DJ Fresh, the perfect brand ambassador for Affliction South Africa. He embodies every bit all the philosophies expressed as part of décor across the walls in the store.

13:00 (or somewhere just after). I had indulged in bit of shopping with fellow invited guests over sensible finger food, vino/ juice.

14:00. a difficult time deciding on the final t-shirt I liked and had to get back into the stunning Dodge to head back to the grind.

You gotta live it!!!

I know for certain that everyone who pulled through for the event would not have liked to spend their day in any other manner!


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