Got suited for Gavin!

I first have to state that this is NOT a suit. Well, not in the traditional sense anyway. It’s just so bloody difficult for me to find a suit I like with a killa fit and a shape I adore. The thing is, I have a strangely proportioned body; sharp wide shoulders, a long-ass torso, an almost abnormally small waist, average thighs –I think and legs up to here…erm, you get my drift! So, for Gavin Rajah’s presentation of Luminescent Luxury collection (wait for my crush from the line, soonest) I decided to make up my own, I had had enough!

The highwaisted pants are by ESCADA, blazer from MSC Boutique’s newest vintage rail, shoes by Kurt Geiger, shirt from Young Designers Emporium and that killer “pearl” bib neckpiece is also from MSC Boutique. In an attempt to sashay away from the cheesy factor, I rocked a turban too. A black turban I knotted myself. I still can’t believe that there are people who just don’t know how to wrap one!

Anywho, yes. This is me in my suit. What-da-ya-think?


2 thoughts on “Got suited for Gavin!

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